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Hobbits were real!
by ben at 30 October, 2004 - 11:06 AM
in indonesia!...

thanks warren ellis for the link, thanks john m. for reminding me of his site
Latest comment: 31 October 04, 9:19 AM

by muhgcee at 29 October, 2004 - 9:25 PM
Didn't get invited to the big Halloween party? You can get virtual drunk anyway!
Latest comment: 30 October 04, 9:19 AM

99 bottles of beer
by ben at 29 October, 2004 - 12:15 PM
in 600+ computer languages...

drunken coding anyone?
Latest comment: 01 November 04, 11:01 AM

hey rich, quick!
by ben at 29 October, 2004 - 10:18 AM
poker chips if you're interested... looks like a good deal
Latest comment: 01 November 04, 4:18 AM

by RuthPowers at 29 October, 2004 - 6:11 AM
And check out these sluts!

ps. yes, it's a joke, please don't respond, poster's inbox is being flooded!
Latest comment: 30 October 04, 10:51 AM

Messed up
by Casey at 29 October, 2004 - 4:06 AM
Now I know there's shenanigans on both sides, but this is really messed up.
Latest comment: 01 November 04, 9:02 AM

by RuthPowers at 28 October, 2004 - 10:45 AM
Damn Ben, are you still sleeping?
Latest comment: 29 October 04, 4:00 AM

by rich at 28 October, 2004 - 6:30 AM
Does anyone (ben) know if DuClaw has free wifi. I have heard rumors. If so is it at all locations?
Latest comment: 31 October 04, 6:25 PM

I am Super Confused Man
by ben at 28 October, 2004 - 6:08 AM
Ok, I know I don't make sense much of the time, and that's usually in an vain attempt to be humorous. But I've been listening to Life's Rich Pageant all morning, and I have to say, they're crazier than I am... first off, I understand some of cuyahoga, but it's all downhill from there... who the crap is the hyena supposed to be, and finally, what the hell is he talking about with bone chains and toothpicks in swan, swan, hummingbird? Fair play, I'd be nonsensical when writing lyrics too, but... what the crap?
Latest comment: 28 October 04, 6:08 AM

Republicrats hate Americans
by Casey at 27 October, 2004 - 6:13 PM
Guess how many people were arrested in 2003 for marijuana violations in the US. Go ahead, guess. Write down the number you come up with. Keep in mind that the population of the US in 2000 was around 280 million. Now click on the comments link for the answer.
Latest comment: 02 November 04, 8:39 AM

by ben at 27 October, 2004 - 9:15 AM

ok, i feel better now... moving along
Latest comment: 28 October 04, 12:40 PM

well that's a shame
by ben at 27 October, 2004 - 9:07 AM
Latest comment: 27 October 04, 9:07 AM

1461 is a nice random number
by ben at 27 October, 2004 - 3:16 AM
I've been getting paid for coding for just over 4 years now. I'm fairly certain that I started on 10/23/2000. Thanks to everyone who got me this far, hopefully it keeps on going well.

not that i have much to show for it, hehehehe
Latest comment: 30 October 04, 10:07 AM

Stream is up
by ben at 26 October, 2004 - 2:20 PM
Latest comment: 05 December 04, 5:30 AM

Neverwinter Nights
by n0manarmy at 26 October, 2004 - 12:08 PM
For all you old school AOL junkies you might remember a game called Neverwinter Nights. It sucked tons of hours and cash out of AOL members to provide one of the very first graphical multiplayer online game experiences.

I've recently found a remake of this game that has a very dedicated staff and they are doing an awesome job of taking the old and making it so much better.

If you’re familiar with what I'm talking about and miss the old days then check out and relive the old days.

If you want to see what was considered the grass roots of graphical online games and see what was really involved with "playing with others" check it out as well. See you all online as Penn
Latest comment: 27 October 04, 3:59 AM

This is just silly.
by muhgcee at 26 October, 2004 - 10:04 AM
Latest comment: 26 October 04, 12:54 PM

the sneeze goes serious?
by ben at 25 October, 2004 - 4:19 PM
well, he asked about soy, so i looked around, and this is interesting:

Vegetarians who consume tofu and bean curd as a substitute for meat and dairy products risk severe mineral deficiencies.

also, tofu is made from puree of cooked beans precipitated with plaster of Paris or Epsom Salts... yum!
Latest comment: 26 October 04, 1:52 PM

so sad
by ben at 25 October, 2004 - 3:44 PM
dragon-tails is going "on hiatus". well, it was a very good run, 2000 comics, we got to watch Tim grow up in australia, and use big words, hehehe. anywho... i'm going to move it to the link-o-matic, so it won't go away, but i'm going to replace it with something else...
Latest comment: 30 October 04, 9:00 PM

ok, new rule
by ben at 25 October, 2004 - 1:34 PM
as per, well, a lot of people's suggestion, you now have to be logged in to comment. this is fine, as it's still easy to register, and there's a link that says "register" on every single page on this site, so, there you have it.
Latest comment: 26 October 04, 1:57 PM

Diarrhea for everyone!!!
by ralph at 25 October, 2004 - 9:36 AM
Taco Bell is doing their best to give the entire country diarrhea! That's very thoughtful of them.
Latest comment: 25 October 04, 12:48 PM

Hunter S. Thompson
by Casey at 25 October, 2004 - 5:24 AM
This guy is the shit. He is the only baby boomer left, who can still claim the title of being the shit. His shizzle sizzles. Oh and he has endorsed John Kerry for President.
Latest comment: 25 October 04, 10:38 AM

dr. seuss on pbs
by ben at 24 October, 2004 - 7:17 PM
anyone else going to watch this on tuesday? i definitely want to.
Latest comment: 26 October 04, 7:06 PM

Brain in a Dish, Plays Flight Simulator
by elfie at 23 October, 2004 - 4:55 PM
Latest comment: 26 October 04, 1:09 PM

by typhoid at 22 October, 2004 - 9:57 PM
People, its weird times... First I went to Sonar on Friday to meet up with this woman I meet on She grew bored of me after a short while. Then no longer than say an hour or so after I ended up in a grudging match with a group of Sonar Nazis. Very weird stuff; this woman had a tattoo of the Nazi eagle on her chest. I don’t recall how the grudge match started. Ether way Ben is the man, he had my back. Thank you everybody for helping me with this incident.
Latest comment: 29 October 04, 10:01 AM

India draws 'medical tourists'
by rich at 22 October, 2004 - 7:36 PM
India draws 'medical tourists'
Wow... that is really interesting. Maybe this is the way to lower medical costs in the US. Yea Capitalism!
Latest comment: 23 October 04, 8:09 AM

Two tickets to the World Series...priceless
by chuk at 22 October, 2004 - 1:11 PM
I found this highly amusing, and slightly sad, then again, had the Cubs made it this far, I might have employed a similar tactic...
Latest comment: 22 October 04, 1:14 PM

Geek Test
by Dark_Knight at 22 October, 2004 - 7:16 AM
If you get excited by this you are a Geek.

Overclocking your Oral-B

I have to admit this is cool as sh**
Latest comment: 22 October 04, 11:37 AM

Anyone else watch Smallville?
by elfie at 22 October, 2004 - 5:35 AM
I know Ben does, because he calls me every time he has a question about the show, but does anyone else here watch Smallville?
Latest comment: 24 October 04, 4:52 PM

note to self
by ben at 21 October, 2004 - 9:49 AM
again... Death in Vegas: very cool. Dirty Vegas.. uh... not so much. When choosing, choose DiV... heheheh. their song Help Yourself is awesome
Latest comment: 22 October 04, 5:06 PM

ben call my cell when you get a chance
by adrienne at 21 October, 2004 - 7:15 AM
Latest comment: 21 October 04, 8:12 AM

protector of all that is good
by muhgcee at 21 October, 2004 - 6:52 AM
Latest comment: 22 October 04, 4:00 AM

mary prankster concert
by ben at 20 October, 2004 - 7:37 PM
since jamie's IM says he's sleeping, i thought i'd post this... mary prankster is coming back to Fletcher's in november... round about fried turkey day...
Latest comment: 22 October 04, 12:49 PM

underground radio
by ben at 20 October, 2004 - 4:09 AM
thanks to peter's very insistant urging (putitonputitonputitonputitonputitonputitonputitonputitonputitonputitonputitonputiton), i downloaded and set up shoutcast server on my home computer last night, set up port forwarding on my router, and created a shoutcast stream of my very own, taking the audio from my turntables and broadcasting them live to the world...

how can you possibly say the internet isn't cool as all hell when a guy can put records on his turntables in his basement in baltimore (6:42) and a guy in his room in sweden can hear it live, and tell him how much of the shit he is immediately?
Latest comment: 23 October 04, 10:52 PM

and now for the afternoon looooooool
by ben at 19 October, 2004 - 1:26 PM
so i was checking my hotmail, and they had an ad for, with a blonde model looking out at you invitingly.

whoever made the ad is either really funny, or really stupid...
Latest comment: 20 October 04, 1:18 PM

afternoon whees
by ben at 19 October, 2004 - 11:10 AM
from the bleat: uncle jesses got a LOT of work

from sarah:
You are .doc You change from year to year, just to make things tough on your competition.  Only your creator really has a handle on you.
Which File Extension are You?

and... weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Latest comment: 22 October 04, 11:34 AM

listening to the domestique/timmer selector
by ben at 19 October, 2004 - 5:22 AM
anyone know why you need to put on an iron shirt to chase satan out of earth?

either way, tim is the man, and he gets much laud for supplying me with these mixes
Latest comment: 19 October 04, 6:41 AM

Amazon Pi Whore
by elfie at 19 October, 2004 - 4:54 AM
I made an interesting discovery the other day that you might all already know about and simply haven't told me.

First, go to and search for something... anything.
Then go to and make sure you're signed in.

See that π/2% thing up at the top? That gives you an extra 1.57% off of all your purchases. Neat, eh?
Latest comment: 19 October 04, 11:00 AM

jon stewart for america
by ben at 18 October, 2004 - 9:38 AM
ok, i've been laughing about this since saturday... saw it on fark, saw it on the wrangle, if you haven't seen it, you have to:

John Stewart was on Crossfire, and blasting the show... here's the transcript and here's the video
Latest comment: 26 October 04, 1:08 PM

DJ Kid Rock?
by ben at 18 October, 2004 - 6:30 AM
i watched a bit of the hip hop honors show last night on VH1, and Kid Rock was on there scratching... i was all "wtf mate?", but he actually did well, at least, for the 45 seconds i saw him while being nearly asleep at 1 a.m., hehe
Latest comment: 18 October 04, 9:50 AM

by ben at 18 October, 2004 - 4:25 AM
well, that was a long weekend for only being 2 days long... friday directly after work, i drove up with andrey to brooklyn and went out drinking. my friend lives in williamsburg up there, which, while it seems easy to get to, they keep having streets that you can't quite get to... anyway, we went out, checked out a restaurant called Sea, which is cool, because it's the one that zach braff's character works in when he's in LA in "Garden State". saturday morning (see: early, damn) we went back over the bridge to ralph's and picked up my new (to me) turntables!

i got everything loaded up and back home, unloaded it, plugged everything in, turned everything on, got music from both tables into my headphones, yay! yay! but i have nothing to plug the mixer into... and listening on your headphones can be fun for only so long...
Latest comment: 19 October 04, 4:09 AM

by ben at 16 October, 2004 - 4:33 AM
is great when it's working... i get a 404 from NYC when I hit it. i wanted more acronyms, but it's still before 10 and i'm not fully awake yet.
Latest comment: 17 October 04, 5:11 PM

Tribute to Monty Python - NFW
by Dark_Knight at 15 October, 2004 - 10:13 AM
If you have a stuffy boss don't watch. But it is not bad just funny as can be.
Latest comment: 16 October 04, 7:43 AM

Past Election-Related Voting Irregularities
by xtheowl at 15 October, 2004 - 9:01 AM
Department of Justice's Activities to Address Past Election-Related Voting Irregularities.
yeah, right
Latest comment: 15 October 04, 9:01 AM

Vietnam politics
by Casey at 15 October, 2004 - 8:25 AM
I had a thought the other day. Don't the vast majority of Americans feel that the Vietnam war was a huge mistake that ultimately accomplished too little for too much?

And if so, why is everyone so worked up about the Vietnam records of Bush and Kerry? I mean shouldn't these guys be bragging about how they managed to get out of Vietnam early by making claims on any wound they could, or bragging about having avoided Vietnam all-together?

Wasn't Vietnam supposed to be a war nobody but Johnson and Nixon wanted? Doesn't that mean that the people who subverted it by avoidance or abbreviation of service were the heros (as opposed to the guys who delusionally believed they were fighting commies and signed on for like six consecutive tours of combat duty?
Latest comment: 15 October 04, 8:25 AM

Why Does Windows Media Player 10 Suck So Bad?
by elfie at 15 October, 2004 - 5:59 AM
If I'm the only one here who uses WMP instead of one of those juicy non-microsoft music/video players, then I guess this is the wrong place to ask this question, but I guess I'll give it a go anyway.
Latest comment: 20 October 04, 5:00 AM

A hung-over world is an unpleasant one...
by drome at 15 October, 2004 - 4:26 AM
Grim morning...bleak, bitter, and spiteful. My stomach throbs and the acrid after-taste of last night wrestles with the dull pounding in my skull.

This day I could do without...

...What happened last night?
Latest comment: 15 October 04, 6:17 AM

deleted posts?
by ben at 15 October, 2004 - 4:13 AM
see, this is why RSS is handy... well, somewhat...

who posted about the patriot act and then removed it? looked to be a fairly promising thread
Latest comment: 18 October 04, 4:27 AM

now can we all get along?
by ben at 13 October, 2004 - 6:40 PM
OS X for your PC came out a few days ago... has anyone tried this? would you infec - err, try this out on your machine? personally, i think it may mean trouble for apple if it's worthwhile... a power mac G5 runs at least $1500, a high end desktop (e.g. FragBox) is about the same. so if you went with, say my system - all told, under $500 - and erod - i mean, installed cherryOS on it, you'd save about 900 dollars. i don't know about you, but i find my box plenty sexy enough for that kind of savings. thoughts?
Latest comment: 18 October 04, 10:51 AM

mark the pigeonholes down below
by ben at 13 October, 2004 - 8:37 AM
our spanish version is going live soon... there's a bit that says:

¡Bally Total Fitness desea ayudarlo a conseguir los resultados que desea! Si usted desea recibir valiosos descuentos de membresía y otros servicios gratuitos de correo electrónico que le traigan buenas noticias y consejos que lo ayuden a alcanzar sus metas de buen estado físico, marque los casilleros que se encuentran más abajo.
Latest comment: 14 October 04, 11:28 AM

Credit Check
by typhoid at 13 October, 2004 - 7:41 AM
Since when have companies been able to do credit checks on applicants? Am I screwed because my credit if fudged up pretty bad right now. Any opinions? Thoughts?
Latest comment: 14 October 04, 11:10 AM

bits of freedom
by ben at 13 October, 2004 - 5:13 AM
this place looks cool... thanks jamie for the link. from their english page, they're looking for help, so if anyone knows dutch, or can fake it, please translate the rest of their site, because i want to see more of what happened here
Latest comment: 13 October 04, 5:22 AM

First post for starters...
by drome at 13 October, 2004 - 5:05 AM
Just wanted to say a welcoming hello to all of the lusers out there in luser land...

So...what a perfect time to draw a blank...
Latest comment: 14 October 04, 9:38 AM

My Ugly Ass
by typhoid at 12 October, 2004 - 12:31 PM
Ok you evil bastards, Rate my ugly ass !!!

HOT or NOT6.8


10 votesRate me!
Latest comment: 14 October 04, 8:49 AM

that's sad
by ben at 12 October, 2004 - 10:59 AM
Latest comment: 13 October 04, 5:21 AM

The Animated Kama Sutra
by ben at 11 October, 2004 - 12:40 PM
hey there lovers... for anyone out there (like me) with no Moves, here is the animated kama sutra, the web version. detailed, poetic, and NSFW
Latest comment: 12 October 04, 11:06 AM

Threading in C#
by ben at 11 October, 2004 - 11:18 AM
i know, probably the wrong place to ask, but has anyone played with this, i.e. got a working example?
Latest comment: 13 October 04, 8:24 AM

it's worth a shot
by ben at 11 October, 2004 - 8:09 AM
let's see how this works..
Latest comment: 11 October 04, 8:13 AM

please stop that
by ben at 10 October, 2004 - 9:19 PM
Latest comment: 12 October 04, 11:31 AM

by iceman at 10 October, 2004 - 1:03 PM
This is directed towards all those skins fans.


Latest comment: 12 October 04, 4:27 AM

by elfie at 09 October, 2004 - 5:35 AM
Okay, I don't know a lot about television formats other than the fact that my American NTSC television and PS2 will not play a European PAL DVD. My question is: Is there any way around this?

Is there some sort of "converter" box that I can put between the PS2 and the tv? Or is the problem in the PS2 itself? Would the only solution be to purchase a European DVD player? If I did that, would my TV know how to interpret the signal?
Latest comment: 14 October 04, 11:14 AM

Badnarik/Cobb Arrested
by muhgcee at 09 October, 2004 - 4:49 AM
Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik and Green presidential candidate David Cobb were arrested in an act of civil disobedience last night at the 2nd presidential debate. More info on the Badnarik website and on World Net Daily. This also got a link on Fark. I have checked several major news web sites and none of them have this story. Does this seem like a huge story to any one else?
Latest comment: 12 October 04, 9:35 AM

DC Land
by Casey at 08 October, 2004 - 3:11 PM
An excellent sequel from the guys at Jib Jab.
Latest comment: 11 October 04, 6:55 PM

shoot me, shoot me NOW!
by chuk at 08 October, 2004 - 2:24 PM
Yeah, I know, it's my own damn fault for working phone support, but holy fucking shit, I would expect people to have some semblance of common sense if they are using a fucking computer...

And yes, these are (sadly) EXACT quotes...
Latest comment: 11 October 04, 5:09 AM

Thank you International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
by rich at 08 October, 2004 - 5:27 AM
IAMAW Parking Notice

Notice to Owner / Operator

Make Mazda Model RX8 Tags XXXXXX

This parking lot is the private property of the IAMAW. It is for the sole usage of IAMAW employees/staff and others having official business with the IAMAW. Any other parking hereon is a violation unless prior permission has been obtained from an authorized representative of the IAMAW.
No foreign made vehicles may be parked on this lot!
All employee/staff vehicles parked heron must display IAMAW Permit prominently so as to be visible through the front of the windshield of the vehicle.
Vehicles must be parked in a legal manner within a marked parking space. The IAMAW requires that vehicles be parked with the front end into the space provided. Any vehicle parked hereon must be moved/removed upon demand of an IAMAW representative empowered to so demand!
Vehicles parked illegally are subject to being towed at owner’s expense ! IAMAW is not responsible for any damages incurred in the process of the towing of the vehicle !
VIOLATIONS OBSERVED: No parking permit, foreign made vehicle.
IAMAW Representative Security officer
Date 07 oct 2004 Time 12:35
Latest comment: 08 October 04, 11:43 AM

Love is
by ben at 07 October, 2004 - 5:42 AM
a bowl of spicy nong shim ramen...

sorry... i got this myspace chain message asking people what they thought love was, and rather than pass it on, i did this.
Latest comment: 11 October 04, 11:07 AM

by typhoid at 06 October, 2004 - 4:30 PM
My girlfriend of five years just left me for another guy. What a disaster. I was convinced we would be together forever.
Latest comment: 29 January 05, 12:26 PM

in case you were fnord paying attention: THE FIVE COMMANDMENTS (THE PENTABARF)
by ben at 06 October, 2004 - 6:42 AM
(copied from the principia discordia)

The PENTABARF was discovered by the hermit Apostle Zarathud in the Fifth Year of The Caterpillar. He found them carved in gilded stone, while building a sun deck for his cave, but their import was lost for they were written in a mysterious cypher. However, after 10 weeks & 11 hours of intensive scrutiny he discerned that the message could be read by standing on his head and viewing it upside down.

I - There is no Goddess but Goddess and She is Your Goddess. There is no Erisian Movement but The Erisian Movement and it is The Erisian Movement. And every Golden Apple Corps is the beloved home of a Golden Worm.
II - A Discordian Shall Always use the Official Discordian Document Numbering System.
III - A Discordian is Required during his early Illumination to Go Off Alone & Partake Joyously of a Hot Dog on a Friday; this Devotive Ceremony to Remonstrate against the popular Paganisms of the Day: of Catholic Christendom (no meat on Friday), of Judaism (no meat of Pork), of Hindic Peoples (no meat of Beef), of Buddhists (no meat of animal), and of Discordians (no Hot Dog Buns).
IV - A Discordian shall Partake of No Hot Dog Buns, for Such was the Solace of Our Goddess when She was Confronted with The Original Snub.
V - A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads.


Test Question from Topanga Cabal The Twelve Famous Buddha Minds School: If they are our brothers, how come we can't eat them?
Latest comment: 06 October 04, 6:42 AM

Idaho DOES NOT exist!
by ben at 06 October, 2004 - 6:18 AM
hahahahahahaha, all this time, i was counting wrong. there is no Idaho
Latest comment: 08 October 04, 10:28 AM

Paul is Dead (Presidential Debates Backwards)
by elfie at 06 October, 2004 - 4:09 AM
This guy is a little off his nut, but amusing none the less. He has analyzed the presidential debate and found some interesting hidden messages when playing some phrases backwards.
Latest comment: 11 October 04, 5:16 AM

insert obligatory respect joke here
by ben at 06 October, 2004 - 4:02 AM
RIP Rodney Dangerfield... you made me laugh.
Latest comment: 06 October 04, 5:47 AM

Hey there kiddos
by adrienne at 05 October, 2004 - 10:14 AM
Since I am very busy and important I have not had time for your sophomoric rants and observations. Smack.
Just funning. News Flash: I am coming home! Maybe. Dependant upon my next conversation with the Ben, and whether or not y'all know of an attorney who needs a willing little gopher.
and also I got a letter from US Customs and Border Patrol, so I might be deported.
Latest comment: 11 October 04, 5:06 AM

by muhgcee at 04 October, 2004 - 4:08 PM
Quite possibly one of the top 5000 games of all time (NSFW TEETH):
Latest comment: 11 October 04, 5:04 AM

The Faint - Wet From Birth
by elfie at 04 October, 2004 - 8:24 AM
So doing that goth thing I do, I'm used to hearing one song from The Faint, Glass Danse World, played over... and over... and over. It's good though. I can't complain. And it's usually followed up by Emerge, which I love. But when my favorite resident DJ personally recommend their new album so strongly, I thought I'd give it a shot.

Holy fuck, this album is great. If I had to categorize it, I'd probably call it Experimental Electronic, but I can't say I've heard much like it before. I can't find a single track on the album that I don't enjoy. I've been listening to it on repeat for the last 4 hours or so. Oh yeah, and Ben likes it, so I figure it's the kind of stuff that other folks around here might be fond of.
Latest comment: 06 October 04, 4:00 AM

what banana are you?
by ben at 04 October, 2004 - 5:09 AM
i know it's not quizilla, but oh well... pretty safe to say, most of us are in our 20s:

"Here's a banana that's coming into its own. Firm and ready for action. What path will it take? A smoothie? A cereal topping? A sexual aid and then a cereal topping? So many possibilities. The world is this banana's oyster. "
Latest comment: 04 October 04, 5:49 AM

if i've told you once, i've told you a thousand times
by ben at 04 October, 2004 - 5:00 AM
see, rich needs to remember this next time he drives down to Georgia, hehe
Latest comment: 04 October 04, 6:22 AM

South Park Me!
by ben at 01 October, 2004 - 5:34 AM
i'll upload mine as soon as i can, but check it out: make your own south park character!

two bucks to whoever can guess what i have in my hand in the picture i made
Latest comment: 03 October 04, 9:50 AM

comcast rocks!!!
by ben at 01 October, 2004 - 4:35 AM

comcast has the BEST hold music 3V4R!!!11!!!)|||!!

no not really, it's actually very painful when you're still tired from moving the past three days.

But, today i'm done, the last thing to do was to call comcast (actually, should have been one of the first things to do, but oh well) and forward my mail, so i will have home connectivity on... on... on... fuck i'm still on hold.

anyway, my new home number is MOAT FUZZ... so if you want to find me, you know what to look for.
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