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Well, it's over, finally
by chuk at 31 October, 2003 - 2:12 PM
My sister's battle with cancer ended around 7pm EDT tonight, she fought for far longer than she ever should have had to. I'll be around, but my mood will be pretty sketchy for a while I'm sure...

Latest comment: 03 November 03, 11:19 AM

i LOVE it when this happens
by ben at 31 October, 2003 - 4:46 AM
from elfie, via slashdot, the NY times posts an article about how MS is vaguely wooing google...

my favorite part of the article:
"Netscape once threatened Microsoft with a software browser that promised to be an alternative to its overwhelmingly dominant computer operating system."

Can someone explain to me how a browser can possibly threaten an operating system? that would be like montana making threatening gestures at china...

so i LOVE it when writers make statements like this, showing exactly how much they understand the topic they're writing about.
Latest comment: 02 November 03, 2:14 PM

Google fun...
by xtheowl at 30 October, 2003 - 11:29 AM
if you search for the underscore symbol "_" on Google, you will find mostly career and talent sites...berry berry INteresting
Latest comment: 03 November 03, 11:26 AM

Like I don't have enough shit to worry about already...
by chuk at 30 October, 2003 - 1:10 AM
The wife is due to spew out the latest parasite in less than a sister's liver is failing to metabolize her pain medications and is in general shutting down (along with her one remaining kidney) because obviously some greater fucking power thinks I don't have enough on my plate...
Latest comment: 30 October 03, 3:16 AM

Favorite beer...
by xtheowl at 29 October, 2003 - 10:21 AM
Newcastle Brown Ale and Franziskaner Club-Weisse are tied for First Place
Latest comment: 30 October 03, 7:13 AM

since the other one got pushed down
by ben at 29 October, 2003 - 8:11 AM
i think i may have found a new mobo for my box: a mini atx board but i can't be sure... also, this may not fit into the ports i have in my mini tower shown not too clearly here. but we shall see. perhaps i just need to give up on the mini system and get a whole new box, like this one? har har though that looks maybe a little too ostentatious for my tastes. maybe something like this, for a little less, but with all the stuff i'd need.
Latest comment: 29 October 03, 9:24 AM

Dren - you are overexposed
by xtheowl at 29 October, 2003 - 8:03 AM
Amazing (and scary) how much one can easily find out about someone online...especially someone with a unique last name...i.e.: Dren, 7909 a. ave was built in 1939, check it yourself...too scary, or what?
Latest comment: 30 October 03, 6:47 AM

Alternative to Google
by xtheowl at 29 October, 2003 - 4:18 AM
Latest comment: 29 October 03, 5:48 AM

Wow, touchy.
by Casey at 29 October, 2003 - 2:33 AM
Those Microsloths sure are paranoid.
Latest comment: 29 October 03, 3:48 AM

wha happen?
by ben at 28 October, 2003 - 4:33 PM
is it me? where did everyone go? it's like it's back to the ben n' adrienne show... and she's got finals and i've got a load of work bigger than my laundry pile... so it's about to get really boring in here if y'all don't pick it up.
Latest comment: 29 October 03, 3:44 AM

request for nigerians
by ben at 28 October, 2003 - 1:49 PM
ok, i don't have nearly enough of these scam emails... if you have any, in your deleted folder or anywhere, send them to me, cause i like to reply to each new one with all of the previous ones combined. in text. inline. i figure, if nothing else, the return weight (because they -have- to download them to make sure i send my bank info) will someday be enough to irritate someone. so send 'em to me please.

oh yeah, and read nodwick on gamespy (it's too lazy to link tonight)
Latest comment: 28 October 03, 1:49 PM

join for ethics
by adrienne at 28 October, 2003 - 10:10 AM
Is it true that you can only change an institution from the inside? Or is that just the most effective way?
I think I wanna be the next Democrat to move to Fla for the sake of our national soul. It's a lock where the MD electorals are going...and I hear that the Liberaterians are trying to take NH by force of mass.
Anybody wanna join the NRA with me so we can block-vote to disband? It could work.
Latest comment: 28 October 03, 10:10 AM

by ben at 27 October, 2003 - 12:08 PM
my webcam is working... check it out here for images of me, when i'm h4xx0r1ng, as muhgcee puts it...
Latest comment: 28 October 03, 6:43 AM

what a GD mess
by adrienne at 27 October, 2003 - 6:04 AM
last night, for the first time ever, I lost a file. I make fun of people for this. I tell them they're damn liars when they say their hard drive went wonky. It's a karmic kick in the butt. It ws my biology midterm essays. I was frantic.
I'm telling you, whatever variation on the file title I could think of I searched for, it was a mess. From now on I will be sympathetic with those who have lost files. I will not call them morons. To their face.
I will appreciate the time I am granted in which to complete a take home exam and will save multiple copies in multiple places. Chuthulu, I have learned my lesson.
pray for my soul. and my diploma.
Latest comment: 27 October 03, 11:39 AM

well, that was a bust
by ben at 26 October, 2003 - 5:14 PM
but i've wasted more than that on a night anywho...

so anyway, i got my camera set up, took a picture of me and what passes for my computer... take a look... inside!
Latest comment: 27 October 03, 12:13 PM

by ben at 26 October, 2003 - 10:23 AM
ok, here's the deal

i have 1 extra ticket to see Bounce tonight at the kennedy center.

it's dressy, but it's a good show... 20 rows back are the seats. call me now, or comment here, first come first server.

if you can give me good reason to part with the other ticket, it's yours also.
Latest comment: 26 October 03, 10:23 AM

I should bronze those Skittles.
by ben at 26 October, 2003 - 6:28 AM
by the by, friday's bleat is supatastic, hehe. i especially like the comparison of quotes between clinton and bush.
Latest comment: 26 October 03, 6:28 AM

that boy's not right
by ben at 26 October, 2003 - 6:11 AM
from pvp today:

love it. and no, i haven't gotten around to installing 2k3 yet... i'm too scared... hehe
Latest comment: 27 October 03, 11:39 AM

so i'm gonna go ahead and do it
by ben at 25 October, 2003 - 12:27 PM
microsoft has server 2k3 free for trial download. it's probably not going to go well, so i may have my home box out of commission for a while, snicker.
Latest comment: 25 October 03, 12:27 PM

I'm sure everyone who made this game is dead by now.
by elfie at 24 October, 2003 - 1:08 PM
Latest comment: 27 October 03, 7:55 AM

you've got to be kidding me
by ben at 24 October, 2003 - 3:27 AM
how's this for you... i was installing my webcam last night, after i got the drivers for the usb pci card. going through... install, install, restart, install, restart some more, get to the "please plug your camera into your usb port now"... so i plugged it in, and the card came loose.

then i heard a beep, and now my windows loads up into a BSOD. so i do a search on this computer (THANK YOU ALL for helping me get it networked), and lo and behold, es1371mp.sys is the driver in the registry for my sound card (at least on AMD)... so now, i have to figure out if i can just copy the file to the registry in safe mode, restart and hope that works, or what... this is a painful start to a friday working from home.
Latest comment: 24 October 03, 12:15 PM

by muhgcee at 23 October, 2003 - 5:36 PM
Just thought I'd let you know . . . I am the proud owner of 26.5 consecutive days of mp3s. That comes out to approximately 41GB and 8842 mp3s.
Latest comment: 24 October 03, 3:49 PM

baby got back!
by ben at 23 October, 2003 - 7:36 AM
from machall: according to the vatican, "Masturbation is like owning a Ferrari and driving only in first gear"

i don't know about the other guys out here, but if more people called it a Ferrari, i think all men's confidence problems would be over.
Latest comment: 24 October 03, 3:28 AM

by pyrex at 22 October, 2003 - 10:23 AM
This is just a little thing I made for a friend of mine, showcasing 3 really short claymation movies we made a couple of summers ago, but Ben thought I should post it so yeah.. Here it is.
Latest comment: 22 October 03, 1:21 PM

the phantom shampoo bottle
by ben at 22 October, 2003 - 7:55 AM
so for a few months, i've been having nice, soft hair, due to this bottle

that i found in my shower...
Latest comment: 22 October 03, 7:55 AM

First Thursdays
by elfie at 22 October, 2003 - 4:48 AM
The company I work for has started hosting a FREE alcoholic gathering for local developers on the first Thursday of every month. They're calling it a "booze schmooze" but I think that sounds like some sort of liver disease. Either way it's still free beer. The next event is 11/6/03 from about 6-8pm. Directions can be found here, very little detail on the event can be found here, and the mailing list to be notified of upcoming events and to RSPV for this one can be found here. If you're curious, yes we also use it as a sneaky way to pitch our product, but still... free beer. Oh and there's edibles as well.

Not that most of the people here would be interested, but there is also an event at Orpheus, which is about 3 blocks away, on the first Thursday of every month from 9pm til 2am.
Latest comment: 22 October 03, 6:51 AM

you don't have to be a domino to be down some times
by ben at 22 October, 2003 - 3:58 AM
"George Bush", Jerry Boykin, the new under-secretary for defence, asserts, "was not elected by a majority of the voters in the United States. He was appointed by God." Jerry better hope that Rush, Laura and Bill haven't blown it for God's chosen in 2004.
Latest comment: 22 October 03, 3:58 AM

Bug-Fixin Fun
by elfie at 21 October, 2003 - 12:58 PM
Inspired by a link Ben sent me earlier, I got a bug report from QA today that stated "events added in the admin only show in the client on their start and end date." This is not terribly uninformative, but of note is the fact that this code was originally written by someone considered to be one of the "best" coders at a former employer of both Ben and myself. I found and fixed the issue and put in this as the resolution: "Actually it appears that some very smart person wrote Access date checking code that was quite simply... stupid. I have unstupided it." I don't know why I felt like sharing that, but I did.
Latest comment: 22 October 03, 3:23 AM

The anthem
by adrienne at 21 October, 2003 - 3:56 AM
I saw the national anthem played on Saturday by a band at Oktoberfest. Not one person in the three hundred person crowd (besides me and Erin) put their hand on their heart. Not one man removed his cap. The 70 or so people on the bleachers sat. There was cheering, so it wasn't intentional protest, there were plenty of American flag stickers on the cars in the parking lots and folks were happy to raise their steins of beer in salute to the would've thought...

It was pretty depressing. I felt self-conscious becuase I had my hand on my heart during the anthem.
Latest comment: 21 October 03, 8:17 AM

Conservative opinion of Al Franken
by Casey at 21 October, 2003 - 3:00 AM
Latest comment: 21 October 03, 3:23 AM

What the world has been waiting for
by muhgcee at 20 October, 2003 - 6:15 PM
Latest comment: 19 March 07, 11:06 AM

ph33r my 1337 army of..
by pyrex at 20 October, 2003 - 11:17 AM
Latest comment: 20 October 03, 12:22 PM

by rich at 20 October, 2003 - 2:52 AM
what is the meaning of 42?
Latest comment: 22 October 03, 4:00 AM

new link on the link-o-matic!
by ben at 19 October, 2003 - 1:50 PM
so today was/is rather rather eventful. render has been the god of cool that he is and bestowed presents upon me which will expand my realm of happiness to include (but not be limited to!):

michelle's computer is now online (she's listening to a low down dirty shame right now, "what they do! smiling faces!")
i will have a webcam hooked up in a bit (hrm... something to add to here? a "what's the coder up to page"
books! books! books! javascript, vbscript, history, and more!

and look at the subject again, if you haven't.
Latest comment: 19 October 03, 1:50 PM

Sunday Morning Politics
by Casey at 19 October, 2003 - 3:35 AM
Latest comment: 21 October 03, 2:54 AM

so long howlin' wolf
by ben at 18 October, 2003 - 6:15 AM

that's the credit union i want to join, hehehehe.

so i'm starting to shop around for parts and pieces to build another box (michelle's is starting to fry, and i'm limping on a 450 with 192 megs of ram... it's time to start keeping up with my cable modem, hehehe.)... and found an ECS P4VXASD2+ motherboard at (through pricewatch of course) for 30 bucks... just seems a little... too good to be true, like, "yes, you get the motherboard, but the only chip that will fit it costs 3000 dollars, muhuhahahaha."

ok, maybe not that bad, but yeah, this may or may not be the first system i build completely from scratch.
Latest comment: 18 October 03, 8:37 AM

hey man... i'm sorry?
by ben at 17 October, 2003 - 7:16 AM
chuck, did you call last night? there was a call at 6 but it was from "unknown", and no one called again until after 9:30 when we went out...

did i miss you or what?
Latest comment: 17 October 03, 10:50 AM

by muhgcee at 16 October, 2003 - 7:42 PM

Latest comment: 18 October 03, 5:37 AM

Military Science
by adrienne at 16 October, 2003 - 9:42 AM
seems interesting. A new grad focus at now that I'm staying in the Charm for awhile I may look into it. I would make a great soldier: I'm judgemental and focused, and suprisingly enough I'm really good at following orders. (I like orders. Orders are fun.)
Anybody know about interesting grad programs re law or govn't stuff? I'm looking through the obscure right now, so make 'em wierd. Like Legislating Belly-Button Lint as a major or something.
Latest comment: 16 October 03, 9:42 AM

in case you're interested, today is beethoven
by ben at 16 October, 2003 - 4:18 AM
something odd... yesterday, independantly, render and i both got a desire to listen to pink floyd. i found a stream on shoutcast that plays pink floyd all the time (they have a rush one too), and he was glad, as was i.

i know, i know, that's not too odd... here's the coincidence... on yesterday, in history (60 something? 8?) was the first time pink floyd played out. in london, they played to 2000 people.

ok, i thought it was pretty cool... meh
Latest comment: 16 October 03, 10:25 AM

That Bloated Feeling
by Casey at 16 October, 2003 - 2:56 AM
Here is one more reason why I'm mostly libertarian.
Latest comment: 17 October 03, 6:28 AM

Good and Evil
by adrienne at 15 October, 2003 - 6:39 PM
Two years ago I took a required Ethics course and received a "D" because I did not turn in the final paper, a personal Code of Ethics. Tonight I turned it in, and because of that I might graduate in January. Hooray. I wish I had learned earlier in life that procrastination is poisonous. But the celebration is nice and earlier this evening we went for a drink. The waiter had green eyes. Obvious non-smoker.
Latest comment: 16 October 03, 4:18 AM

check out pink floyd on shoutcast!
by ben at 15 October, 2003 - 7:58 AM
i find it interesting the ways in which people from various backgrounds treat doing studies of raves. this isn't too surprising, considering i come from an anthropology background. so i break things down into cultural systems, i have my own vocabulary that i use and define things i write about with. a sociologist would, as expected, have another, and a psychologist, a philosopher, or neuroscientist still others.
Latest comment: 16 October 03, 3:08 AM

by ben at 15 October, 2003 - 4:43 AM
so the cable modem is in, got a router for it (wired and wireless no less! thank you render!), my compy works, but michelle's NIC is, according to her motherboard, not there... i will probably have to get a new one... anyone have an extra? whee...

also, i think i killed her A drive also, if anyone has one of those, hehehe.

when's the next computer show/sale in baltimore?
Latest comment: 15 October 03, 7:07 AM

not that i want to push her entry down
by ben at 14 October, 2003 - 10:25 AM
but this resume is the best, beyond all other geek resumes... i want this resume for my very own (sadly my own is pretty boring).

thanks to Ralph for sending me this
Latest comment: 15 October 03, 6:55 AM

Any Day Now
by erato at 14 October, 2003 - 10:17 AM
HELLO Everyone! A lot has happened since I was last here.
Latest comment: 16 October 03, 10:26 AM

the world would be my oyster
by ben at 13 October, 2003 - 6:49 PM
it's not a good idea to read an exciting book when you want to go to sleep. i've been reading jon katz's book geeks all day, on and off (even during the interview, waiting for people to come in to the conference room)... and i seem to be a lukewarm geek. i get all the pop culture references, i am a coder, but (like ralph, et al.), people don't make me uncomfortable. people are easier, sometimes, to understand, than computers, i think. they are laid open, because they want to be.
Latest comment: 13 October 03, 6:49 PM

Fuck Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck
by elfie at 13 October, 2003 - 4:32 AM
Can anyone recommend any good data recovery software? Preferably free, but I'd be willing to pay for it if I were SURE it was going to work. I managed to empty my recycle bin at home when I really shouldn't have and Norton UnErase just doesn't do the job like it used to. I've tried demo versions of several data recovery products and most of them can find a plethora files that were deleted MONTHS ago, but for some reason each of them can only find one or two of about fifty files that I accidentally deleted on Saturday. Strangely enough, each product seems to be finding a DIFFERENT one or two files, so I certainly don't want to have to buy several products in order to get all the files back. Any recommendations? Thanks.
Latest comment: 17 October 03, 6:24 AM

Sue me, beautiful
by C Mo at 10 October, 2003 - 7:10 AM

I'm not sure if anyone has seen this yet, or if it was posted here. But what the fucking shit?
Latest comment: 10 October 03, 3:52 PM

by chuk at 09 October, 2003 - 11:46 AM
As Ben can testify firsthand, dealing with cancer is just utter fucking shit...
Latest comment: 10 October 03, 10:19 AM

Good Morning Children
by adrienne at 08 October, 2003 - 7:27 AM
Since the last time I wrote I've learned a few things that I think I should share with you in the spirit of shared wisdom:
1) it's a house of mirrors out there in the cold world
2) sincerity is an easy disguise
3) people, most of them, are total jizzbags

I give these nuggets to you so that you can avoid learning them all on your lonesome. Marinate, cook, serve with fresh basil.
Latest comment: 10 October 03, 3:48 PM

ok, this time for real
by ben at 08 October, 2003 - 5:33 AM
you can't get a value from a function that doesn't return any values, now can you? so when you have a function like
Function PrepareXML(string)

End Function

and you've commented out the only line of code inside the function... PrepareXML(rst("title")) isn't going to work very well, now is it?
Latest comment: 08 October 03, 5:35 AM

sorry folks
by ben at 08 October, 2003 - 5:25 AM
there has been something wonky with the XML processing... i hope i may have fixed it... this is a test.. please ignore
Latest comment: 08 October 03, 10:55 AM

In better news..
by pyrex at 08 October, 2003 - 1:49 AM
.. Ishkur has FINALLY finished version 2.0 of his guide to electronic music. W00-00000t!
Latest comment: 10 October 03, 6:21 AM

by pyrex at 07 October, 2003 - 8:06 PM
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh good. /sarcasm, of course. Ben's not gonna like this one bit, snicker.
Latest comment: 08 October 03, 12:08 PM

by muhgcee at 07 October, 2003 - 6:46 AM
This is great. As you may already know, this site is dead. Maybe some good posting will make EAers get their butts in gear.
Latest comment: 07 October 03, 4:24 PM

by muhgcee at 06 October, 2003 - 12:14 PM
This is great. As you may already know, China has big plans for space. Maybe some good competition will make NASA get their butts in gear.
Latest comment: 07 October 03, 6:48 AM

Wooohooo Go Cubs!
by chuk at 06 October, 2003 - 8:49 AM
Yes, I know, playoff baseball for those of you in MD involves watching the Yankees play this year (ok, the last few years), but my beloved Cubbies are in the NLCS after punting the Braves out in Atlanta last night...wheeee

I have NLCS and WS tickets, can't wait!
Latest comment: 06 October 03, 11:32 AM

The Addiction, The Rush.
by Casey at 03 October, 2003 - 12:05 PM
So it appears that Rush Limbaugh is a drug addict
Latest comment: 05 October 03, 2:49 PM

dr pepper and mr pibb... it's a conspiracy
by ben at 03 October, 2003 - 7:44 AM
just out of curiosity, do anyone else but pyrex and i use the link-o-matic links to the right?
Latest comment: 06 October 03, 4:51 AM

winamp + amp cd = no fun for me
by ben at 03 October, 2003 - 3:13 AM
so... anyone looking for a developer for a week? i have next week off, and in order to finance my playboy lifestyle, i need some income...

i totally had witty banter prepared, but i've lost it all...
Latest comment: 03 October 03, 3:13 AM

this wasn't on the menu...
by ben at 02 October, 2003 - 7:12 AM
from sarah: popeye's in baltimore serves new item.

render quipped quickly that he would be more concerned if it showed up in his sushi, to which i was only too happy to point out that there should exist a FievelMaki (little red cap next to the ginger)... and for those of a more fiery bent (read: Ralph), the spicy Fievel hand roll... extra wasabi!

i want my in'n'out burger and fries damnit...
Latest comment: 03 October 03, 9:07 AM

mmmhhm, yeah
by ben at 01 October, 2003 - 12:29 PM
since i'm broke right now, i'll just get one of these... hehe
Latest comment: 02 October 03, 11:00 AM

rocky road to dublin town, 1 2 3 4 5
by ben at 01 October, 2003 - 4:43 AM
so i just went to the young dubs show last night at the fabulous recher theatre... lovely, lovely... they're still as much fun live as always. haven't seen them since i went with brian to a very small show at tower records when they released alive alive-o... craziness.

this commute


killing me

that is all
Latest comment: 01 October 03, 11:19 AM


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