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Mount Royal Avenue Towers now open!!
Previous | Next by tbrown55 12 May, 2009 - 5:07 AM

Brown Mega Corporation Developers. Buidling up communities one brick at a time. Hopefully there will not be any government interference or protests from the community. Mount Royal Avenue Towers was constructed Sunday afternoon and is still standing as of Tuesday morning.

5/12/2009 >> tbrown55

We are accepting donations of old bricks.

5/12/2009 >> ben

i don't have pavers, but we might have some extra masonry bricks if you want, hehehe

5/13/2009 >> tbrown55

Free Masonry?

5/13/2009 >> jmcd303

Hahahahahahahaha! That was brilliant, tbrown55.

5/14/2009 >> ben

hehehehe, yes, total free masonry.

speaking of which... anyone up for a little masochistic movie going and want to see Angels & Demons with me?

5/21/2009 >> ben

how is this project going, tom?

5/26/2009 >> tbrown55

BEN, update: as of Sunday, MAY 24, 2009, the tower was still standing, but one of the bricks had been moved around by someone. This encouraged me to further re-arrange the structure. It went from 3 levels to 2 levels. It's one of them Transformer buildings that are capable of shape-shifting.

I'd like to build another structure at the intersection of Maryland and Mt. Royal if you still have some extra bricks.

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