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Recommendations for Mobile PC or MID
Previous | Next by tbrown55 03 November, 2008 - 4:04 AM

Hi There. I come looking for some tech advice. Hope I'm in the right place. I am looking for recommendations for a mobile PC or a mobile internet device.

My info so far is not integrated...just scattered facts and figures.

I've always had an eye for the Sony Vaio UX.

However, I know there are many other devices out there and then I have to think about getting an internet plan unless I want to sit in the Mount Royal Tavern all day long getting free wi-fi.

Thoughts? Opinions?

PS, I am almost constantly on the internet, so I need something with the power to keep up with my useage habits.

11/3/2008 >> fogus

I am partial to the eeepc.

11/3/2008 >> tbrown55

The Eee PC is definitely more affordable than the Sony Viao, which makes it attractive.

11/3/2008 >> muhgcee

They are going to stop production of the sub-10" (8.9") Eee PCs soon. So if you want one of these I'd get it soon or get it on eBay.

11/3/2008 >> fogus

The Vaio is a beautiful machine, but that keypad is a bitch.


11/3/2008 >> tbrown55

hmmm...that make sense. It does look a bit awkward. I am going to seee the Eeee at Target or Best Buy tonight in Towson.

11/5/2008 >> ben

i've seen a lot of very positive reviews about the aspire one

11/5/2008 >> ben

with prices like $150 for 1.5 TBs i'm sticking with desktop for a while...

11/5/2008 >> n0manarmy

The blackberry storm is coming out soon which is supposed to integrate the blackberry features with the touch screen capabilities of the iPhone.

I personally detest Sony because their applications/devices are usually overpriced as hell and full of bloated useless software that does nothing but bring the $2500 device that you just bought to it's knees.

If you do anything, make sure to look at devices with either proprietary OS's such as the iPhone, Blackberry Storm, or Windows Mobile phones. The proprietary OS's tend to be quicker on the boot and a lot more stable than anything Microsoft has to offer.

Windows Mobile 6 is pretty good from what I've heard. I've yet to try it myself. HTC makes some really nice windows mobile machines that are very versatile.

Or go with a device that supports Linux. If you end up picking up a mobile device that's running some bastardized version of Vista, you're going to hate it after 6 months when it takes 10 minutes for the thing to load and you're already done with your Mocha Latte and the girl you were trying to impress with it has already rolled out.

11/5/2008 >> ben

hehehe, i JUST rebooted my windows mobile 5 phone before reading this... takes about 1.5 minutes from turning off to fully rebooted...

11/5/2008 >> n0manarmy

Mobile 6 is apparently a more "advanced" and significantly "improved" version. I'll believe it when I see it. I did get to touch a Motorola Q which had the new Windows Mobile on it but it wanted to be a like a Blackberry.

11/5/2008 >> tbrown55

I must say an Eee PC at the Mount Royal Tavern is working out nicely. I got an Xohm USB wirless device, but alas with no CD ROM in the Eee PC, I can't install it without some witch-craftery.

11/6/2008 >> ben

do you have any USB or firewire ports? you can get an external CD drive for about $50...

11/6/2008 >> n0manarmy

This is the best purchase we've made at my office. It works with hard drives and CD/DVD drives

11/6/2008 >> tbrown55

I used a file sharing thing at work called JSHARE that allows for upload / download of big files pretty quickly. I copoied the start-up CD files to my work PC and then uploaded to JSHARE. Then I downloaded them onto the Eee PC using free wi-fi.

Everything is working fine...for now...DUNT DUNT DUN...

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