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Writer's Strike Ends!
Previous | Next by Pie 13 February, 2008 - 12:52 AM

2/13/2008 >> ben

i have been watching this too... i liked john stewart's comment about how the stock markets were closed for 3 days... making this a BILLION times more important than 9/11, apparently. hehehe

i can't wait for new shows too... when is BSG starting up? i know that was already done, but i can't wait...

2/13/2008 >> elfie

I think I saw a commercial recently that indicated BSG was coming back in March. Not 100% on that.

2/13/2008 >> muhgcee

From Wikipedia: "A fourth, reportedly final, season is scheduled to begin airing 2008-04-04."

2/15/2008 >> ben

my other question was: what happened with soap operas? was all that shit already in the can long ahead, or already written, or what? or did they just... perish the thought... ad lib?

2/16/2008 >> elfie

I think they just aired reruns... or put something else in the timeslot... both of which, even on a ONE-day basis, has generally been catastrophic for soap operas.

Hmmm... I wonder if the same thing happened to professional wrestling? Or are those writers not in the union? hehe

2/16/2008 >> ben

i'd like to see the union meeting where the wrestling writers attend... that would be a great scene

2/18/2008 >> elfie

I'm pretty sure a significant portion of wrestling writers are former wrestlers, but I could be wrong there. But my guess is that they don't fall into the WGA. I actually have no idea. However, my guess is that they have enough staff writers that are NOT WGA that they were able to continue on without incident during the strike. I don't really know the rules of having both WGA and non-WGA writers on staff. I'm not sure if that's allowed by the union. I know it's not for SAG. This is a totally ridiculous yet interesting quandary. Someone should find out. Not it!

2/22/2008 >> ben

leave it to some-ecards

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