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Songs for DJ Ben
Previous | Next by tbrown55 09 May, 2007 - 8:00 AM

I had the idea last night to start a topic called "Songs for Ben" where we could list songs for him. I know he is always on the look out for music.

Today, I suggest "Hey Hey" by Gershon Kingsley, one of the fathers of electronic music.

5/9/2007 >> ben

hrm... the only thing on oink is this (login required)... couldn't find anything through googster (google as napster hack)... i'll keep looking though

5/9/2007 >> tbrown55

Sorry, you could hear it on my myspace profile.

5/9/2007 >> ben

hrm... well, i could but i'm staying off myspace (and other social networking sites) for a week, so i'll see it next tuesday (or wednesday... not sure)

5/9/2007 >> tbrown55

okayee...i'll bring my ipod to shorty's tonight and you could hear it before or after your set if you have a way to plug in.


5/9/2007 >> jmcd303

"but i'm staying off myspace (and other social networking sites) for a week"

did you get grounded?

5/9/2007 >> rich

I stay way from social networking sites (esp myspace) 365 days a year

5/10/2007 >> Dan

Isn't this a social networking site?

5/10/2007 >> ben

this is an anarchistic group message board, ;)

5/10/2007 >> ben

and i own it... ;)

and Tom, you didn't play the song for me, hehe

and John - no, I got irritated.

and ow, my leg REALLY hurts

5/10/2007 >> tbrown55

Um yeah Ben...I guess I got a little distracted by that massive fire down the street.

Too bad about your leg.


5/11/2007 >> ben

yeah, it was rather distracting, and thanks, it's feeling much better today

5/16/2007 >> elfie

My knee still hurts from when Rich attacked me. Uh I mean... from when I slipped on the ice in my driveway... and Rich attacked me ;)

As for music, I suggest things to Ben often... being on my honeymoon, I haven't really heard any new music to suggest, so I'll re-suggest some things that I suggested to him recently and I know he liked just so that the rest of you will check them out:
Flyentology by El-P (click the button to turn off sound, then the button to play the video)
Capital G by Nine Inch Nails

Also, Ben, I know I mentioned to you that all of the songs on Year Zero are being released in Garageband (and other source file type formats), but if you want to try out some end results, check out That link will send you directly to the most popular Capital G remixes. Note that I have not actually listened to any of them yet :)

5/16/2007 >> rich

You were 20 feet away from me and fell. It was even your own ice on your own property.

I'll take credit anyway (in a very fun and non-legally binding way). I am honored.

5/17/2007 >> elfie

well we WERE all out watching Ben spin prior to the incident... maybe it's HIS fault.

5/17/2007 >> ben

ohhhh it was THAT night... man, Shorty's causes all kinds of injuries, hehehe.

Btw, I'm playing there again on Wednesday, for any and all interested

5/17/2007 >> ben

also, i'm going to put this:

somewhere on the pages... what do you guys think? above the flickr or below?

5/17/2007 >> muhgcee


5/17/2007 >> elfie

you're going to put a link to the calendar? that's cute, but... not NEARLY as useful as embedding the calendar information somehow.

5/17/2007 >> ben

well, as soon as i figure out how to do that... i will

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