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so, i'm home...
Previous | Next by robin 28 November, 2002 - 7:00 PM

And it feels weird, but good at the same time. I forget how much I love hanging with my family. Last night, at a bar with one of my oldest friends, we were sitting around saying how much we didn't "fit in" when we were in high school (which never really mattered). To us, that's no big deal because we've managed to find people that appreciate us for us. However, being at the bar we were at (which is where most of the people from my old high school hang anyways), we marvelled at how everyone who saw us would come up to us and be NICE and make small talk with us about where we are and what we're doing with our lives. It's really kind of disgusting actually, the way that people act. Am I nice to them? I guess so...because really these people never really gave us the time of day from the start. I guess I'm just a bit awed by how people who couldn't give a shit about you when you were 16 all of a sudden has to tell you how good you look and actually be curious about what you've been up to. But then again, it's also the place where I live (affluent) and the culture that money breeds.

While being home is great, I do miss Baltimore--it's much warmer there than here in the frozen north (Ralph, you thought I lived in Canada back then, you have no clue how close to Canada I am right now!)...hehehe...But I'll be back on Sunday...woohoo!

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