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Dren - you are overexposed
Previous | Next by xtheowl 29 October, 2003 - 8:03 AM

Amazing (and scary) how much one can easily find out about someone online...especially someone with a unique last name...i.e.: Dren, 7909 a. ave was built in 1939, check it yourself...too scary, or what?

10/29/2003 >> xtheowl

yours, Ben, was built in 1910 (a fine home, nonetheless)

10/29/2003 >> ben

danke... you like it? i like it because they didn't used to allow jews there, and now my parents live in that house, the largest on the block. not that i'm vengeful or anything, hehehe

10/29/2003 >> rich

what site are you looking this up on?

10/30/2003 >> ben

my money's on google

10/30/2003 >> xtheowl

here's one of them...

10/30/2003 >> xtheowl

here's a much better one, if you know anyone from my hometown - Pittsburgh...

10/30/2003 >> ben

i don't suppose this is you then? hehehe...

10/30/2003 >> xtheowl

fine try, but remember, Google is a great "general" search engine...many others are better at specific searching

I'm sure you've been here before

10/30/2003 >> ben

now i have... hehe. i hear a lot of hype about search engines, about how they're supposed to be getting more tailored etc., but not a lot about management of your results... i.e. stuff like the link-i-nator up there, which i want to expand upon.

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