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baby got back!
Previous | Next by ben 23 October, 2003 - 7:36 AM

from machall: according to the vatican, "Masturbation is like owning a Ferrari and driving only in first gear"

i don't know about the other guys out here, but if more people called it a Ferrari, i think all men's confidence problems would be over.

10/23/2003 >> ben

by the by, yes, i AM at work, my box is just pooched, so i'm on another workstation today... but of course i still have time for comix

10/23/2003 >> ralph

Obviously, no one in the Vatican knows how I take care of business. I get that "Ferrari" redlining in 6th gear.

10/23/2003 >> Render

Given the prudishness and sexual ignorance of many of the western cultures, the choice is frequently either taking the Ferrari out for a spin in 1st gear, or go puttering around the neighborhood in the poorly tuned '79 Volvo.

Decisions, decisions.

10/23/2003 >> ralph

So, using the Vatican's line of logic, it's better to let the Ferrari sit there completely unused, rather than starting it up once in a while?

10/23/2003 >> ben

logic and vatican... in the same sentance together again... never thought i'd see the day

10/24/2003 >> ben

i'm sure she is...who is she?

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