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What the world has been waiting for
Previous | Next by muhgcee 20 October, 2003 - 6:15 PM

10/21/2003 >> elfie


10/21/2003 >> ben

are you posting again too?

10/21/2003 >> muhgcee

Yeah, I put one very eloquent and well thought out post on there. It is both very eloquent and well thought out.

10/21/2003 >> ben

i thought it was more thoughtful than eloquent, but that's just me.

and what about you jamie?

10/21/2003 >> elfie

Personally I thought it was more like a crusty cheese doodle that's been dipped in iguana feces.

But that's just my opinion.

10/21/2003 >> elfie

On second thought, I retract my previous positive statements about the site. I now believe that yor webseit is teh suk because I do not seem to be listed as one of the former posteres who has access again. Fuck you all in your donkey asses.

(And if you think anyone would/should be offended by that, you obviously never saw before. Wanker.)

10/21/2003 >> muhgcee

Oy! Talk to Chris, he is the one responsible for the website now.

10/21/2003 >> elfie

Yeah, I sent him an email. And he best get his ass in gear if he wants to be invited to the party.

10/21/2003 >> ben

at the end of the universe?

10/21/2003 >> C Mo

Lol, sorry, your account is still there, if you need me to reset the password I can do that.

I was running that list off my head not off the list that still existed in the news program.

So go for it, SylvanElf.

If you want another name tell me here and I'll create it. Off to actually check my e-mail.

10/22/2003 >> elfie

r0x0r. actually "elfie" would be great and yeah I have no idea what the password was or where the login page is, so you should email me that sort of pertinant info...

3/16/2007 >> rich

Welcome to
For resources and information on Animal and Dog...

Oh no! what has become of!

3/16/2007 >> elfie

so tragic!

3/19/2007 >> muhgcee

Blame Chris (CMo). He was its caretaker.

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