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That Bloated Feeling
Previous | Next by Casey 16 October, 2003 - 2:56 AM

Here is one more reason why I'm mostly libertarian.

You'd think "conservatives" would be outraged by this sort of thing the same way "liberals" were outraged by NAFTA.

10/16/2003 >> Casey

No big deal eh?

Read this and this then. Big government spending scares me shitless.

10/16/2003 >> Casey

And don't forget about the legacy the most irresponsible generation in history is leaving us with.

10/16/2003 >> Casey

Who said that you said government spending wasn't big? Me? Can I be quoted on something I didn't say?

Dren don't be so defensive. I understood your observation about the pages not equating to expense necessarily and realized that I wasn't making the point I was trying to by linkng with that article, so I presented the other two. Sheesh.

On a side note, don't you find it insane that after "streamlining" the regulations they end up with three times as many as before, including new regulations on how to best regulate the regulation streamlining process? The presumtion is that the regualtions have become consequently more expensive. You are right though, they never explicitly say that they are spending more money on regulations than in the past. I would be shocked and awed if they weren't though. Government isn't a for-profit intitution, it should not outpace population growth and yet it has every year since the world wars. Our government got broken somewhere and not enough people think its a big deal.

10/17/2003 >> Casey

Its also not good to go off firing shots at imagined slights.

As far as the government comments are concerned, ya you're right. It irritates the shit out of me when good principles are misapplied. "All men are created equal" never meant "except slaves and women". By the same token, government was never meant to be a jobs program or a growth industry. It wasn't before the depression (jobs) and the world wars (growth).

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