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Any Day Now
Previous | Next by erato 14 October, 2003 - 10:17 AM

HELLO Everyone! A lot has happened since I was last here.

1. We've bought and moved into our new house.
2. Corporate america screwed me by 'eliminating my position' in an effort to restructure the corporation I once worked for. 60 IT ppl were laid off and 67 stayed
3. I'm now at 35 weeks and counting. It's getting very tiring being this big. My feet now resemble a hobbit's and they moved the bar on the scale (something I never thought I'd witness when I was standing on it).
4. My bro and his family are becoming Maryland residents as I type.

Today, I have another ultrasound to find out how big these babies are now. They should both be over 4lbs now. We'll see.

Early happy halloween to all if I don't post by then!

10/14/2003 >> rich

I think I was eating a late lunch as you typed this. I honestly was specifically wondering how you and your twins were doing.

Sorry to hear about the job, glad to hear all else is well.

10/15/2003 >> ben

sorry, i meant to comment here earlier, but forgot and lost track of the last day...

you really really really should consult a lawyer, their consultations are free, and i think you have a case... but that's just me, because i think you're getting the shaft from these guys...

10/16/2003 >> erato

i've consulted 2 lawyers. it was a massive layoff and i wasn't discriminated against. my medical benefits ended that day and the last paycheck had the medical premuim prorated. i hadn't been there ong (6 months) and to be covered under FMLA, you have to be there a year before becoming pregnant. unfortunately, there isn't a case.

10/16/2003 >> erato

btw - i'm going to start updating this site with baby info.

10/16/2003 >> ben

do you want me to change the link on the links page then?

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