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Previous | Next by elfie 13 October, 2003 - 4:32 AM

Can anyone recommend any good data recovery software? Preferably free, but I'd be willing to pay for it if I were SURE it was going to work. I managed to empty my recycle bin at home when I really shouldn't have and Norton UnErase just doesn't do the job like it used to. I've tried demo versions of several data recovery products and most of them can find a plethora files that were deleted MONTHS ago, but for some reason each of them can only find one or two of about fifty files that I accidentally deleted on Saturday. Strangely enough, each product seems to be finding a DIFFERENT one or two files, so I certainly don't want to have to buy several products in order to get all the files back. Any recommendations? Thanks.

10/13/2003 >> Render

If the software solution isn't successful for you, keep in mind that there are companies that provide data recovery in the case of disk failure, corruption, or accidental deletion. I know there's one somewhere down in NoVa, but I don't recall the name.

They do tend to be pricey, so ask yourself how much those files are worth to you.

Also keep in mind that installing new data recovery software may overwrite the location where the file was physically stored, which would probably prevent any recovery from being successful.

10/13/2003 >> elfie

I'd rather recover the files myself instead of paying someone else to do it, but yeah I know those companies exist... and I'm installing data recovery stuff to a different drive than the one I'm trying to recover from.

10/13/2003 >> elfie

Oh, since people keep asking me this, the file system I'm trying to store is NTFS running under WinXP.

10/13/2003 >> ben

did someone think you were fun running a mac or something? snicker

10/13/2003 >> elfie

no, but file structures are very different depending on whether you're running on NTFS or FAT32 or whatever... and of course software has constraints on what OS it will run on... they were logical questions to have been asked. ^_^

10/14/2003 >> ben

i know, i was just kidding... hehe

10/14/2003 >> muhgcee


10/14/2003 >> ben

bad mr. frosty wins the match!

10/14/2003 >> rich

10/14/2003 >> rich

sorry I am a bit slow today

10/14/2003 >> erato

some versions of dos let you undelete.

10/17/2003 >> C Mo

You could invest in an old fashioned Tape Drive and use BackupExec. You have to pay for that though.

It does seem to work well for our customers though.

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