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Good Morning Children
Previous | Next by adrienne 08 October, 2003 - 7:27 AM

Since the last time I wrote I've learned a few things that I think I should share with you in the spirit of shared wisdom:
1) it's a house of mirrors out there in the cold world
2) sincerity is an easy disguise
3) people, most of them, are total jizzbags

I give these nuggets to you so that you can avoid learning them all on your lonesome. Marinate, cook, serve with fresh basil.

10/8/2003 >> xtheowl

Typically, women share their misfortunes and the act of sharing itself helps heal the wounds.

Us men, OTOH, need to solve problems to feel satisfied.

Give us something to solve, oh powerful female, and we will be fulfiilled!

10/8/2003 >> ben

planck's constant baby... that's all i have to say.

if anyone needs me, i'll be over in the corner, worried that, no, virginia, there is no determinism after all.

seriously though... if you beam 1 quanta on a particle, and it moves an undetermined distance... can't you just beam 1 quanta at it from the opposite angle? hiesenberg be damned?

sorry... been reading a brief history of time again... i'll shut up now

10/8/2003 >> xtheowl

maybe Adrienne needs to stand on a railway platform holding a clock while, you, Ben, ride by with your own know where I'm headed, baby...aiight, nuff said

10/8/2003 >> muhgcee

What were you thinking? Being happy for your benefit? Why don't you think of our reading needs before you become happy again?

10/9/2003 >> ben

happy is fine, i'm happy.

we like the moon...

10/10/2003 >> ben

if you break out that vorpal sword, so help me...

lewis carroll is my hero, i tell you what

10/10/2003 >> Casey

Sniker Snack...

He left it dead and with its head,
He went gallumphing back.

10/10/2003 >> ben

i knew there was a reason you all hung out around here...

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