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Why don't they just let Roman Catholic priests marry again?
Previous | Next by ben 24 September, 2014 - 4:49 AM

Every time I hear of yet another outcry over this priest or that bishop who is involved with a sexual scandal, several things go through my head... eventually I'm just bewildered and wondering "why boys? and why little boys at that?" Psychological issues aside for one moment (power, control, etc.), I just think that this is a perversely logical course for them, in their heads.

I mean, pretty much all the external reasons why they started disallowing marriage in the first place are gone1. And I think, barring a few other possible (though hardly plausible) conspiracy theories, It's pretty much been shown that making a man of God celibate just really doesn't work all the time.

So why not let them choose? Every other religion allows it (even promotes it... even Judaism which, you've got to admit, has WAY more rules, except this one), and even Eastern Orthodox & Eastern Catholics allow it...

Seriously, think of the children here... let priests marry.

1 E.g.: we're no longer in feudal times, where the 3rd son of an earl joins the church and then, poof, his brothers are killed in the latest crusade without heirs! So now you have a priest in charge of an earldom and as a king with a vassal loyal to the church and not you... your power is diminished greatly.

11/19/2014 >> elfie

12/8/2014 >> Restless Pilgrim

A few points:

1. There are still theological reasons for celibacy (the exhortation of Jesus and St. Paul, the idea that celibacy is an "eschatological sign", pointing to Heaven when marriage will cease)

2. There are still very practical reasons for celibacy (Try getting hold of a Protestant minister at hospital at 2am)

3. The link between celibacy and the sex scandals has been thoroughly statistically disproved. A Protestant blogger I read regularly retracted his statements on this subject after he was challenged to provide evidence to substantiate that claim (

Props for getting the Eastern Churches right, even most Catholics get that wrong :)

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