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Grad school update
Previous | Next by sarah 02 February, 2003 - 7:00 PM

for those of you who are interested, pete and i both got into the University of Indiana.

I started calling schools this morning just to make sure they've got all my materials. and i called Indiana, and the woman says, "and we have some good news for you" and i'm like "huh" she goes on, "you've been admitted to the program", and i'm like, "this is the U of Indiana, right?" and she laughs and says, yes, "so i can enroll for the fall, right" i ask and she says yes.

so then i made pete call.

i am amazed and beside of myself. so now i hope that we're admitted to @ least one other place so we can pit one against the other for financial aid...

2/3/2003 >> sarah

yeah. it totally was the one with the redundant paragraph. that's why i was so surprised when she told me - i had completely written them off!

2/3/2003 >> jackie

yay pete and sarah!! i am so happy for you!!! what great unexpected news (only unexpected because what a random thing for them to say when you called!!)


(secret sadness at the idea of pete and sarah moving all the way to indiana....)

2/3/2003 >> spike

ditto the second half's comments!

2/3/2003 >> Anne

This is Anne, saying she WISHES she was getting accepted "all over the fuckin place!" In reality, Anne is still waiting to hear anything about acceptance and has interviews that make her want to vomit in anticipation.

Sarah and Pete - congratulations! Knowing you've survived the process gives me hope.

And everyone is invited to get drunk with me when this whole mess is over. Whether I get accepted anywhere or not, a beer will be called for.

2/3/2003 >> robin

Woot! I'm so happy for both of you! One down, 11 to go...and it's a good program...glad you didn't worry too much Sarah ;)

2/3/2003 >> sarah

actually, now it's 8 to go. we were orginally going to apply to 11. we have applied to 9 as of saturday and were going to finish the applications for U Buffalo, and U Toronto tonight. they were pretty much our back-ups, so since we're already accepted to a place we're not going to apply to them.

so instead of filling out applications tonight, we're going out to dinner, heh heh!

2/3/2003 >> rich

I dont know you... but beer? I am in!

2/3/2003 >> pete

Finding out was interesting... first I run to get the phone, having heard the ring as I exited the shower. So I got Sarah's news in the nude, sopping wet, and proceeded to call them in the nude, but only damp by that point. They had to call me back (Noooooooo) so I actually didn't find out until I was most of the way to work... at which point I flipped out on the street, gooning into my cell phone. ("Brilliant! Really?! Fantastic!") The woman was like, "Oh, you're married? We were wondering why you both had the same address..."

Oh! And Sarah's letter was here when we got home!

We're waiting for them to start refering to Sarah as "Mrs. Welsch" and then having to decide if we'd actually go there at that point. Good god, I hope that doesn't happen!


2/4/2003 >> jackie

you don't really want to be inbuffalo anyway, do you? screw the backups! go to dinner! rejoice in the glow of acceptance! hope that the same light shines on me from the university of maryland!

hope you get into lots more schools so you have many delicious choices....

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