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Free Pie!
Previous | Next by muhgcee 10 August, 2007 - 10:24 AM

Would you like some free pie? Do you live within, say, a day's drive of Virginia? Well then today is your lucky day (should you happen to have quick fingers to be the first one to respond).

A while back when Google Video first launched, they allowed you to purchase videos (with DRM of course). I purchased a basketball game, just to see how the thing worked and then never purchased anything on there again. Well, they're discontinuing the whole thing and refunding people's money plus some. So I get $10 out of the deal to use on Google Checkout. I thought I spied the perfect thing..."Mom's Pies, LLC" uses Google Checkout. I was close to ordering myself a pie when I realized...crap, I'm supposed to be on a strict diet this month.

Then I figured, well, someone else would probably enjoy a pie. Sooo...if you're the first one to respond and you live reasonably close to Virginia (because of shipping costs, so like maybe Maryland or NC would work, you get the idea), then I'll buy you a pie.

Pick one of them $12.99 or less, please: pies

8/10/2007 >> elfie


Southern Pecan Pie please and I'll PayPal you the extra $1.
Or if you don't want to do that, then the Bourbon Walnut Pie.


8/10/2007 >> muhgcee

One Southern Pecan Pie on the way! Don't worry about the $ can buy me a root beer in December :-P

8/10/2007 >> elfie

Woohoo! YAY PIE!

8/12/2007 >> ben

of course jamie gets the pie...

8/17/2007 >> Pie

Mmm... PIE! Pie is gooooood.


Thanks for the pie!

8/17/2007 >> muhgcee

You're valley velcome. "Mom" was very nice over email!

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