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Forgotten World (AKA Old School Neverwinter nights)
Previous | Next by n0manarmy 10 August, 2006 - 3:28 AM

Well, I had written this massive post about Forgotten World but Ben's site whored me and when I clicked "preach it jim!" it brought me back to a blank entry. So here you go, the short version.

As some of you might remember, Neverwinter Nights on AOL was a Massively (tiny) Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game that AOL made a ton of money on. I myself consider it to be the first ever of this genre (although some will dispute it.) I played this game like I was hooked on crack, cociane, and oxycotton.

A couple years ago I stumbled on which is a remake and eventually a completely new incarnation of the game. It currently contains all the old maps and old monsters with the dev team working hard to produce new content. If you loved NWN for AOL you'll love Forgotten World.

Ben, would you have an qualms to whoring out the game on your site?

8/10/2006 >> elfie

in regard to you losing your post: I think we need to move the "already logged in" check into the Session_Start... and/or we need to have some method for catching time-outs while posting such that rather than the message being lost, we present you with a "you are not currently logged in, please enter your login information to save your post."

just thinking out loud

8/10/2006 >> muhgcee

I think I added some text to the last version of the site...something about a globule of text and notepad.

8/10/2006 >> muhgcee

Wait...Neverwinter Nights...any relation to the modern game with good graphics?

8/10/2006 >> n0manarmy

Are you saying this is neither modern nor has good graphics? This is the Original Neverwinter Nights...kicking it old school!

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