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great googly moogly!
Previous | Next by ben 22 February, 2006 - 10:22 AM

so i found placeopedia today... awesome site, and they have a "random location" button that's fun to click on for a while. the first one i got took me to a tiny island off the coast of Denmark that's only got a couple of thousand people...

i now want to move there.

next it took me to the War Office... that's a little weird.

2/23/2006 >> mike

I am all about the google map mashups. The most useful one I found layered the mass transit and street maps of boston so one could quickly find the quickest route to his or her destination. There needs to be something like that in Baltimore. (Fast and reliable mass transit, that is, not a google mashup.) This is a pretty good clearing house that I just found.

2/23/2006 >> ben

i have been very interested lately in how the term "mashup" has entered the web world.

In playing around with my tablet, i have found & kept track of many blogs with various APIs being... ahem... mashed up, and i found the one above because of a 770 owner envisioning the tablet as a "Real HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy"... constantly updateable information with you wherever you are...

anyone have a stencil kit? hehehehe

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