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Who's the biggest douche?
Previous | Next by ben 02 February, 2006 - 10:58 AM

OK, here goes... I'll try to recreate this for you. Let me show you how I move around, just for a second...

I was looking at digg and saw a story about three new features, when i went to the home page for digg the blog from there. Scrolling down, i saw the entry about digg not really having plans to sell to yahoo!, where he mentioned the rumor on techcrunch. The referral and the likeness to techdirt, one of my favorite news sites, made me read a few other stories on their home page. i found an article about Ning's new stuff. I'd never heard of Ning, but thought, hey, i'll read the article, see what this is all about. So i did, and the post referenced cinecrap. i looked at that, thought "heh, interesting, but not my thing", and then... oh then... I found douchetracker... and can i just say... that's AWESOME? Actually... nuts to you, it's my site, i don't need to ask for permission...

that's AWESOME

so... two questions for you... 1) who's the biggest douche, and b) how many tabs/windows do you have open now? really?

you're lying... just admit it!

2/3/2006 >> ralph

me? i have no tabs open....when i see more links than text, i move to the next thing i want to read...

a bit 'douchy' perhaps, but that's just me.

2/3/2006 >> ben

come on, the "that's awesome" didn't tickle your fancy?

not even a little chortle? a chuckle?


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