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Okay, Ben and I thought this was interesting while we were drinking
Previous | Next by jmcd303 10 May, 2005 - 7:39 PM

Suppose you were given 50 blank CDs by someone who had little to no knowledge of popular music, either comtemporarily or historically. Yet said person enjoyed music and wanted to be exposed to it. Or, pretend the person is an alien (if you're into that sort of thing) and gave you 50 discs to deliver a crash course in what's going on in music and where it came from. And if it sucked, said alien would destroy the planet. Or, maybe just your neighborhood.

1) How would you divide up the 50 discs? By genre? By theme? By chronology? By influence?

2) What are your "Don't tell anyone you don't own Blonde on Blonde. It's gonna be okay" albums? That is, regardless of genre, what are the 10 essential albums? What are the 10 albums someone absolutely, positively must own in order to understand life on this planet during the second half of the first decade of the 21st millennium? Please justify your answer with a brief response to each one.

Respondents will receive a list of the 50 discs I end up choosing. Also a raffle ticket qualifying them for a free MP3 mix of selections from the discs.

5/11/2005 >> muhgcee

I don't think any music is important enough that you need it to understand life on this planet. But, off the top of my head, here are my 10 favorite albums (only kind of in order):

1) Tool - Aenema
2) Portishead - Dummy
3) A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step
4) Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine
5) Dieselboy - Project Human
6) Massive Attack - Protection
7) Rap mix - a compilation including Wyclef Jean, Talib Kweli, Kanye West, Ludacris, and one or two others
8) Yo-Yo Ma - I have currently only heard "Inspired by Bach", so I will use that.
9) Industrial/Goth mix - a compilation including KMFDM, Marylin Manson, Ministry, and Nine Inch Nails

I can't think of a #10 :-)

5/11/2005 >> iceman

Alright. No flaming on this one.
Why not give him some classical music too (Bach, Bethoven, Motzart...)? I mean even if you dont like it, it is probably some of the best music the planet has ever produced. I know this because im in a history of music class.

I would aslo include some classic rock...Chuck Berry is one of my favorites.

Oh yeah and if you wanted the planet destroyed ... just give him some Nsync or Backstreet Boys.

5/11/2005 >> muhgcee

Yo-Yo Ma = classical, correct?

5/11/2005 >> muhgcee

On a related note, Yahoo! Unlimited is out (music service), and I have writted a review on my site. Please cut me some slack as it is the first review I have ever written.

5/12/2005 >> ben

i heard a review about that on npr today... compare and contrast

5/12/2005 >> Dan

I gave this some thought

1. NWA - Straight Outta Compton - This is the mother of all rap super groups and put gangsta rap on the map. It was so big even the whities in the burbs were getting their "G" on.
2. Prince - Purple Rain - Without this album there would be no PMRC, no little warning stickers on albums.
3. Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison - Before Rappers were doing albums in jail there was Johnny Cash. This is the quintessential story telling album.
4. Black Sabbath - Paranoid - The birth of heavy metal and Ozzy.
5. Devo - Freedom of Choice The kings of New wave and I would have to say the popularized to the use of synthesizers in music.
6. Elvis - One You gotta have the king Country/R&B/Rock all in one package
7. Sex Pistols - Nevermind the Bullocks - The death of disco and the birth of a revolution
8. (Tie) Pearl Jam 10/Nirvana Nevermind - Putting the underground in the mainstream
9. Nat King Cole - The Greatest Hits - Made it acceptable for white people to listen to a black musician
10. Parliament - Tear the Roof Off You just gotta have the funk. This is where most rap sample and beats have their home.

5/12/2005 >> Dan

BTW.... I do not own Blonde on Blonde. I never much cared for Bob Dylan. and if I had a few. I would have to throw in the

Beatles - Yellow Submarine
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
Beastie Boys - Pauls Boutique

5/12/2005 >> iceman

I will def agree with the parliament - tear the roof off sucker.
I cant believe no one said Miachel Jackson. I mean he was good when he was still black.

5/12/2005 >> sarah

i left a post about this on my blog, but for the record my list:

1) Ella & Lois - ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong
2) foundation ska - the skatalites
3) hejira - joni mitchell
4) music with changing parts - philip glass
5) pet sounds - beach boys
6) in concert - janis joplin
7) workingman's dead - grateful dead
8) live through this - hole
9) living in clip - ani difranco
10) the black album - jay-z

5/13/2005 >> alana

finally posted my

5/17/2005 >> ben

alright... i have been called out, so... with short notice, because i had only started to narrow it down below 50 before... here would be my top ten of the moment.

this list is not everything i could come up with by any stretch... i would much rather do a top 10 by genre... but for now, and with weight towards what i've been listening to more of lately:
Nightmares on Wax - Carboot Soul. It's trip hop in a completely different direction from DJ Shadow, but still just as awesome.
Rush - Exit...Stage Left. I had to pick a live album, because all of their albums before this one (this came out just after moving pictures) were so awesome, and i'm not as much of a fan of the later stuff (though it's still better than most anyone else's stuff since...)
Otis Redding - Dock of the Bay. 27 years... need i say more?
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. Not as dramatic as the wall, nor as popular as Dark Side, but it's still my favorite. The title song slows my day down to manageable levels every time i need it to.
Led Zeppelin - Boxed Set - Disc 2. I'm making up for choosing a boxed set by only choosing one disc from it. I picked this one because, while the whole set is amazing, and Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands, 2 has the most number of my favorite songs by them. Gallows Pole, Going to California, D'Yer Mak'er (10 points if you can remember my post about that song)...
Mushroom Jazz, Vol.2 or Nude Tempo One - I couldn't pick between these two... the first is Mark Farina, the second is Miguel Migs. Both are the epitome of chill, deep house... lay either of these on for an album's worth of groove.
Benny Goodman - Live At Carnegie Hall. This is one of the most important live recordings of all time, in my opinion. Also, the first time a black performer ever stepped on stage there, from what i'm told.
Ken Burns' Civil War OST... yes, it's a soundtrack, but this time, i think it evokes so much of life at the time, you can't go without it... even if you haven't seen the show (and who hasn't?)
Chris Bran, No Room For Form - it's short (ish), but it's incredibly well done, and i can listen to every track, over and over.
Music For Chaise Loungues. This is not mixed, but it is a sampling of some of the best music out there for nujazz, downtempo, chillout, what have you. Especially good are Tosca's "Chocolate Elvis", Gotan Project's "Vuelvo Al Sur" and of course, Kid Loco's "Relaxin' With Cherry"... good enough to make it on 3 of my favorite albums.

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