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Dual Processor Chip
Previous | Next by ben 06 April, 2005 - 6:25 AM

has anyone heard of this? Intel and AMD are trying to build them now... thoughts?

4/6/2005 >> ben

for instance, will they require new motherboards to hold them, or will my socket whatever i have right now work with one of these. granted, they're looking at AMD targeting servers, so that would be overkill for me, most likely, but i'm sure some of you crazies out there would have it just to have it

4/6/2005 >> iceman

You need a completely new mobo if you get an intel. There is an article on tomshardware about the intel based chip. Its supose to have 1MB of L2 cache for each core mmmmmm :)

But the big problem is programs need to be multi threaded for the processors to actually do any good. Games arent too multithreaded since games are pretty much on big loop. What this will really help though is running like 20 programs at once. You will still need more ram though.

4/7/2005 >> ben

oh, sorry, yeah, i can't find the post for reference, but the breadbox i got is for AMD... in rich's opinion, Intel is overpriced, and on his recommendation, i got an AMD socketed (417?) motherboard

4/7/2005 >> ben

and from what i read on the article, they're not looking for multithreading apps (though that is really easy with .Net now), rather to allow you to be working on two different things with no dip in performance, e.g. watching a television show and working in something like photoshop or flash

4/12/2005 >> jay

This is a little old now, but I'll comment anyway. I've been keeping up with these things for about a year now. The dual core chips are going to be pretty hardcore. Your old AMD socket board will probably not have a chip for it. I'm guessing socket 939 will be where they go with these. Intel chips will probably also require a new board.

I've only seen some benchmarks but my favorite is this:
AMD 64 3200+ Dual Core system
Quad Xeon 2.4 system

Quad Xeon only won by a small margin. This was games/business apps/video encoding etc, not server hosting type stuff. They were also pitted against a bunch of "regular" type systems. None came close.

AMD Dual Core will be mine as soon as they put them out. I'm already saving for the new board/memory/video card and chip i'll need.

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