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two things
Previous | Next by ben 01 December, 2002 - 7:00 PM

ok, first off, i've decided, with erato's help that i'm going to push forward and get off my lazy ass, well, at least get my lazy ass into my chair at work and put in the stuff for adding a link. going to do it like's thing, but code it myself... after this MAY or MAY NOT come buttons for bold, italics and so forth. and muhgcee, as for the repeating background thing, pyrex looked into it, and sorry dude, you're SOL... time to use a real browser, grin.
ok, second thing... apparently i emailed myself an advertisement. silly me, spamming myself... i totally must have done it, because the email came from me, despite, well, me not having sent it. jackass. i fell for that one! yeah, well, i'm going to post the text of it here in a minute... and then probably spend tomorrow playing with it, or responding to myself in some vain attempt at humor, like the adtastic guys used to do. well, off to it... enjoy

12/3/2002 >> rich

That flag has 17 stripes

12/3/2002 >> ben

i never said i sent myself an intelligible email... just that it arrived, and before deleting it, i decided to share it

12/3/2002 >> muhgcee

Bah, from what I hear, IE decides to make its own standards and ignore the real standards.

12/3/2002 >> ben

but if they have 90% of the market... aren't their standards kind of... well.. the standards?

12/3/2002 >> muhgcee

*cough* monopoly *cough*

12/3/2002 >> muhgcee

One more thought . . . Microsoft does not make IE for Linux . . .

12/5/2002 >> erato

uh, my help? hmmm... i dont remember helping you get off ur ass. did i get a motivational speech i wasn't aware of? ;)

12/5/2002 >> erato

err, give.. i meant give...

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