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First post for starters...
Previous | Next by drome 13 October, 2004 - 5:05 AM

Just wanted to say a welcoming hello to all of the lusers out there in luser land...

So...what a perfect time to draw a blank...

10/13/2004 >> ben

yeah see, this is the result of drinking... hehe

10/13/2004 >> ralph

what's up, drome. welcome aboard... i wish i had something witty to say...but i don't. this, too is a direct result of drinking.

do you work with ben?

10/13/2004 >> elfie

Flappity! Flippity flap! FlaBOOOOgle! Yerp?

10/13/2004 >> ben

jamie's taking my medication again, sorry...

10/13/2004 >> ben

and i'm glad that your first post was what you started with...

we had a guy here, started with his last post and worked backwards, it was painful, him keeping referencing things that hadn't happened yet... by the time he got back to the first post, he was 12, drooling over "the twins" and we had to euthanize him...

so yeah, thanks for starting at the beginning, hehehehe

10/14/2004 >> drome you're a fan of the whole "let's start at the beginning," eh?

Well then...let me start of by saying that:

i. No, I don't work with ben. In fact, we are arch-enemies in the wild world of butt-burglary.

ii. to elfie: flappity flap FlaBOOOgle yerp to you too, biatch

iii. Work sucks, hence the vacuous post.

Best wishes...

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