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what's so bad about baltimore?
Previous | Next by robin 04 October, 2002 - 7:00 PM

I'm on this listserv about breakbeats that my friend originally set up and then abadoned. He got sick of the crap and the one liners and the spam and the crap...oh wait, I already said that. Anyways, someone posts about how he needs new shoes and the response is, "Modern Music" and the first guy responds "hell no! I'm not going to Baltimore!" Well, I wanted to know why and the person responds that the only thing in Baltimore are bridges, warehouses and crackhouses. This really bothered me mainly because not ALL of Baltimore is about those three things. Considering my parents have been living in a burb of Detroit for almost 10 years now and I used to party in Detroit, I know ghetto when I see it. Sure, there are places in Baltimore where no one should go at night, but I mean, I really don't like generalizations. Most of these people have probably just been to Fever at the Paradox or something and so they only have a little bit of knowledge about the city and lots of stories they heard, like 3rd hand. Now, I haven't been living in this city as long as some other people, but I know that Baltimore isn't ALL ghetto and it does have some redeeming qualities. I think Baltimore's a pretty cool town, regardless...

10/11/2002 >> erato

The DC Metro Philosophy (or what I learned the 2 years I lived there):

Baltimore hates DC. DC hates Baltimore. Maryland hates Virginia, Virginia hates Maryland.
Maryland thinks Virginia people can't drive. Virginia people think it's Maryland people that can't drive.

In all reality they're all the same damn area and the same type of people. I mean, come-on, there's a 50 mile radius around DC and in that area there aren't that big of differences. It's just a North/South East/West thing only they don't realize they're fighting their neighbors.

Regardless, I like both cities for different reasons. DC for it's museums and marble, Baltimore for it's glass streets and bridges. And the area just doesn't have good drivers. That's my only complaint.

8/27/2004 >> mike

You live in Baltimore? Redeeming qualities i live 10 miles ouside of baltimore and the ghetto is out to here, it is a bad place, the inner harbor is nice all the attractions but go 1 mile up the road any way and then see...

8/28/2004 >> pyrex

Way to dig up an ancient thread, there, Mike.

8/29/2004 >> ben

1 mile east of the inner harbor: canton

1 mile south and west: federal hill (o say, can you see?)

1 mile north: mount vernon... can you say "Kobe" sure, i knew you could

1 mile south: well... that's just water, so we won't go there without the water taxi.

baltimore's like any other big-ish city, good parts and bad parts. so please, let's leave the broad sweeping generalizations for days when i'm not drinking off a hangover,

9/25/2004 >> ben

i'm pretty sure the police don't beat the shit out of me in any part of town... but, you know, that's because i don't beat the shit out them first?

10/7/2004 >> Dan

dood your 404 is more ways than one.....

10/7/2004 >> ben

rofl... dan, break it!

10/7/2004 >> muhgcee

Yeah! Go Baltimore!

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