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what's a boy gotta do?
Previous | Next by ben 29 February, 2004 - 12:34 PM

according to BN, they sent up this image to this site 17,160 some odd times over the last week... 2 people clicked through. I know i was one... how can i entice you to buy books? they smell papery, i promise! and the cds have all kinds of music on them too! hehehe

2/29/2004 >> muhgcee

I think when most people buy books they probably don't do it because they see a graphic on a website. What might work better is if you had links to books you enjoy. So rather than linking to "books", which isn't very exciting, maybe you could have a rotating list of books in the place of it where it would say "Catch 22". I find that much more interesting than "books" as a whole.

2/29/2004 >> ben

fair enough... i could maybe make a beg page with all of that, i was just thinking that in the motif of this site as a repository of handy links to useful places, that button could serve a purpose for regulars as well, so that when they're looking for a book, they would (hopefully) already be on the site, and they would say "hrm, i wonder if BN has it", then they would buy it

2/29/2004 >> Mark

Hi Ben,

Have you considered setting up Google's AdSense on your site? I'm about to start serving adwords using adsense on workzoo, and I'll let you know how it goes. AdSense will serve content that is more varied that just books and their bot will figure out what ads are relevant based on the content it sees on your site. So if your community here starts becoming more focused on say politics, or gaming, then it'll figure that out and help you take advantage of the type of traffic you're getting.


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