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while backing up a site...
Previous | Next by ben 27 February, 2004 - 3:47 AM

many of you have already been through college, necessitating having finished high school... some of you actually have graduate degrees (hi spike, welcome back!)

do any of you remember actually how hard it seemed to write a 5 page paper when just starting college?

i was thinking again... sorry, but it's happening now that i take my gingko... haha

when i was in my AP english class in high school, writing a 2-3 page paper on shakespeare seemed really... difficult. It's not like i was lacking the vocabulary, if anything, i knew more words then than i do now. it seems to me that it was the experience i was lacking. everything was new, happening for the first time, and i couldn't relate it to anything else. now when something happens, i can look back and say, yeah, something like this happened before. this came up as i realized that i had written a page of code with over 1200 lines, and it took me just about 2 1/2 hours to do it. granted, visual studio helped, but most of it was me.

writing actual english doesn't take as much either... i like to tell people that my senior year, first semester at USC, i wrote a 5 page take home final in just about 1/2 hour, and got a b+ on it... where writing a 5 page paper in high school took the better part of 2 weeks, if it ever got done...

2/27/2004 >> pyrex

5 pages? I did that shiznit all the time in 'junior' and 'senior' school, j0. Woo.

2/27/2004 >> muhgcee

Not all that hard, but of course it does matter whether we are talking double spaced or not here . . . Oh and how do you fit 1200 lines into one page?

2/27/2004 >> ben

file, man, file... my .cs file had 1200 lines of code

2/27/2004 >> muhgcee

What is .cs?

2/27/2004 >> muhgcee

c sharp?

2/28/2004 >> pyrex


2/28/2004 >> pyrex

(Horrible seller, goods not delivered on time, will never buy from him again.)

2/28/2004 >> muhgcee

Haha, took me a second, but I got it.

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