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Doom doom doom doom
Previous | Next by pyrex 24 February, 2004 - 8:41 AM

So that's it then, is it? Tying in with Stu's oil post a while back, here's some more potential doom fodder.

2/24/2004 >> Casey

I'm so glad you posted this. I was thinking about posting it myself when I read it a few hours ago. The current administration has been saying one thing and doing another. The talk is that global warming doesn't exist but all the action is focused on trying to fix it or failing that, deal with it.

I recently participated in a genome sequencing project for the dept. of energy. The organism we were working on is part of a class of bugs that make up the dominant form of life in the oceans. As you may have heard, the microorganisms of our oceans suck more CO2 out of the atmosphere than 10 times more than all the world's terrestrial forests. For that reason and that reason alone the DOE has been intensively looking into ways to better cultivate these algae in our oceans. The government is literally thinking of ways to fertilize our oceans as a way to suck up all the excess CO2 into marine life that will die and sediment on the coean floor, effectivley trapping the CO2.

Of course, they don't know if it will work so the DOD has to have a plan too.

2/24/2004 >> Casey

Oh ya, Nukes! Can't forget about the nukes.

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