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news for the weekend
Previous | Next by ben 22 February, 2004 - 6:29 AM

from rich: it's a job crawler... apparently it collects from monster, hotjobs, dice and the rest... and you don't have to spend 30 minutes registering...

from render: a report on how crazy SUV people are... it's a long read, and it looks like the author knew the answers before writing this, but it's very very informative.

and apparently i'm driving the car that is ranked 14th on their chart for most fatalities... woo!

also, i bought some pants. no, not the first pair ever, i mean, i own other pairs of pants! and yes, i wear them too... i just like the new pants that i bought, is that so wrong? fine, screw you, i'm going back to my game

2/22/2004 >> rich

which link?

2/23/2004 >> Mark

Sorry rich, the one to workzoo. I was browsing my log for new referers and noticed your site.


2/23/2004 >> rich

Oh cool. I guess you guys are pretty new then? Good job. Visually your site reminds me of google, an excellent example of the K.I.S.S. theory in practice.
I think you guys can go far as long as the other sites don't freak about the screen scraping too much.

2/23/2004 >> Mark

Sortof new. We've been around since 2000, but we (my fiancee and I) shut down the site for a year to travel through africa, and have resurrected it as a USA and UK search. It used to be only UK. The new site has been up for around 2 months now.

We have relationships with a few of the sites we're scraping, and a sort of 'dont ask dont tell' thing going with the others. Our policy is to only show the summary details of each job and a user has to actually visit the job site for full contact info. That way we're sending our sites traffic rather than competing with them.

Right now the code for the site is beginning to mature nicely and we will be adding alot more job sites in the coming months.

2/23/2004 >> ben

it's a very nice system you're building, and i'm glad we could send traffic there. I also linked you in a group for baltimore tech people, mainly so i don't lose track of you, hehe.

2/23/2004 >> pyrex

Whoah, saw you commented last night but was too tired to comment. Welcome to our humble.. place, and thanks for the comments. I'm the designer 'round these parts.

Weird you should mention travelling through africa for a year, I basically grew up in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

And if you need a designer, I need a job! ^_^

2/23/2004 >> Mark

Hey Pyrex. I'm from South Africa originally - Cape Town. Moved to London for 5 years and now live in California. Hollywood is so full of it. "Sunny California" has nothing on good old cape town. The traffic is the worst in the world, the air is very bad, and it's nowhere near as pretty.

Sorry about the rant, but I spent saturday night driving up to LA from Orange County and was reminded of all these facts, and that the drivers around here are crazy. I'm still getting over the whiplash. I got rear-ended by some drunk woman in a new VW. I drive a 91 Ford Explorer. The old ford didn't even have a dent, but her car's front end was near totalled. (*evil grin*) They definitelly don't make them like they used to.

ps: I'd love to offer you a job! Will you work for bandwidth? Or maybe Oreo cookies?

2/23/2004 >> ben

I feel your pain, I went to school in LA myself, and hail from the east coast. I'm sorry to hear about the crash, especially because I was coming out of Dublin's with a girl (I think she was driving a VW also) who rear ended a couple of guys on Sunset...

and what a coincidence, I pay him with pictures of Oreos from time to time, hehe.

2/23/2004 >> rich

actually he already does work for bandwidth

well what ever bandwidth is left over after a certain movie is done raping my T-1

2/23/2004 >> rich


ben: sokay, i fixed it...

2/23/2004 >> pyrex

LA sounds like a regular session of GTA, hehe.

Anyway, w00t for more Africa people on the site. I long for SA all the time, living in Sweden as I do, and my parents are actually in Cape Town right at this moment. Dad's a diplomat, so it was thanks to him I did all that moving around, and they're stationed in Windhoek, Namibia at the moment. Think they have a year or so remaining on the contract, but they've both pretty much made up their mind to stay in Africa. Me, I just wanna get out of here. Knysna would be a nice place to get away from all this snow and cold.

Cookies and bandwidth are always welcome. Oreos are imported here, thusly expensive :-P

2/23/2004 >> Mark

Knysna rocks, And plett, and Langebaan, and ..and..and..

Dig the soundtrack on your site pyrex.

2/23/2004 >> muhgcee

Oreo's are expensive here too. I go for the 1lb. store brand duplex cookies.

2/23/2004 >> pyrex



yum, yum.

2/23/2004 >> pyrex

So tell us about yourself, Mark, if you feel like it of course. We're not a big group of people and we most certainly won't bite. We're all lekker :-P

2/23/2004 >> Mark

What to tell, what to tell. I'm about 30 years old. Well, OK, I just turned 30 and it still stings a bit, so moving swiftly on....

Originally from South Africa, spent 5 years consulting in London for some big companies and now I sit in a little room and churn out perl code all in the hope of being able to one day call myself an entrepreneur. But I'm beginning to understand why small business owners have that thousand yard stare that war veterans have.

Other than that, not much to say. I dig skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking. I've sailed across the atlantic twice, sailed around south america and sailed around east africa a coupla years ago. Climbed Kilimanjaro mountain a while back and drove from kenya to Cape Town a year ago, and now I have severe claustrophobia from being indoors far too long. :)

What about you guys.

2/24/2004 >> muhgcee

Quite a full life you've got there. I don't feel like typing out my life story right now, but I share your love of snowboarding.

2/24/2004 >> ben

well, there used to be an about me section around here... it got lost in one of our redesigns...

i'm the head coder/janitor/secretary for this site... no perl, just asp here, though for the past year or two i've been pretty .Net focused (and yes, apparently I have to capitalize the n). I'll be 25 this year, hopefully the counter at the bottom of the screen will reach 50,000 before then (what a good present!)... and aside from living in LA for four years and upstate new york for the first few years of my live, i've been in baltimore, MD, with most of this peanut gallery. though, as i always say, baltimore's a great place to live, because you can visit all the worthwhile towns of the east coast in a day trip, hehehe

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