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seventythree and breezy
Previous | Next by adrienne 12 February, 2004 - 6:17 AM

Yesterday I had my first corporate interview, it was with McDonald's.

Those two facts are very suprising to me...I thought I was more of a GreenPeace person, or at the very least just not a corporate America new-grad shiksa. But I met some people who found out there was an opening and who passed my info on to the HR lady, so why not (my mom says)? I went into the thing not caring at all whether or not I got the job, just practice, you know? Then yesterday I started to feel the old spark, and since then the competitive fire has been burning. Now I want that job, or at least I want to be offered that job and the choice of whether or not I'll bestow upon them the pleasure of my Puritan work ethic. I didn't sleep all night.
I think it's the replay effect causing the no-sleeping. I keep going over and over the tiniest details. Self-doubt abounds. I hope this goes away and that's why you practice: not to just get better at interviewing, but to get better at recovering from interviews as well. I'm feeling this twitchy over a job I didn't even consider before I heard of it, I can't imagine worrying over a job I really wanted.

2/12/2004 >> muhgcee

Aha! I see you advertising your better weather in the subject line . . . gotta rub it in. Anyway, would you get free breakfast sandwiches if you get the job? That would be great.

2/12/2004 >> chuk

Is this at their HQ in Chicagoland area?

2/12/2004 >> ben

take it and run with it... if you don't like it, you don't need it, hehe... if you don't get it, there's others out there... if you do like it, hey, there you go

2/13/2004 >> muhgcee

Man, she doesn't even respond to questions from her own post . . .

2/13/2004 >> ben

well, i'll take it then... i'm pretty sure it's by her home, since she just moved there and i think doesn't want to move again for a while

2/13/2004 >> Whisky

You all live in arctic hell. bleh. I can relate to the weather, we too are in the throes of winter here in SoCal.

Poor dren, all of those old people with their big american "luxury" tanks must be getting to her. Or maybe its the swamp gas.

If jews don't believe in purgatory, then why are there so many old ones in florida?

2/14/2004 >> muhgcee

Hey, now, it's going to be 50 degrees tomorrow and I fully intend on playing basketball . . . OUTSIDE! (This is in MD btw)

2/14/2004 >> Casey

I'll be in SoCal the week of Feb 22. Get me some nice weather for a while.

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