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about freaking time!
Previous | Next by chuk 10 February, 2004 - 6:39 AM

2/10/2004 >> ben

where do you suppose you'll be able to preorder this first?

2/10/2004 >> ben

oh... never mind

2/10/2004 >> ben

here's episode 5 and
episode 6 for those too lazy to find them also

2/10/2004 >> chuk

yep, 4-disk, the "redone" original 3 movies, and a 4th disk with a new 2-hour documentary

why the bastard won't release the original theatrical movies is beyond me, those are the ones people want to see, not the ones with the freaking digitally-added in Jabba the Hut...

2/10/2004 >> pete

Word. I have zero desire to see, let alone own, the special edition releases... gah. Totally awful. That stupid musical number in Jabba's palace? The apparent guest-spot by Rusted Root at the afterparty on Endor when the second death Star gets blown up? The desecration of Han Solo as a character and the resulting nulification of his progression from self-centered fuck to epic hero when he shoots Greedo in self-defense?

None of this is as bad as the introduction of Metaclorians, a.k.a. "Force AIDS," in the prequels. Talk about systematically scouring any meaning from the movies... I haven't even seen Episode II, nor do I plan to. Awful.

Get me DVDs of the unsullied Trilogy, though, and I am there...

2/10/2004 >> pyrex

Hm. I think it's time to send out an expedition to find our old, old tapes. Recorded when the movies first hit TV, so woot.

9/20/2004 >> ben

what's weird is that i was just talking to John about this last night, why he won't be buying them ("Han Solo shoots first, damnit!")

9/20/2004 >> elfie

I had the same discussion with Pie... and yes, Han shoots first.

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