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And like that.. he's gone!
Previous | Next by Casey 09 February, 2004 - 2:04 PM


2/9/2004 >> ben

hehehe, much nicer ehh?

2/10/2004 >> ben

the L is gone

2/10/2004 >> Casey

And so are all of Casey L's postings with it. Wasn't expecting that really. Don't so much care either though. =)

2/10/2004 >> ben

i'm sorry, i'll fix that in a jiffy pop

2/10/2004 >> ben

and there you have it... they're back

2/10/2004 >> ben

ok, for everyone else... i changed "casey l" to "casey" in the database... but the query looks for posts by name, and so all of the casey l posts were no longer going to show up in the archives or on the main page, so i fixed all of the old posts to be his posts again...

2/10/2004 >> ben

mainly because he didn't want to keep typing out "casey l"... even though if he would get IE 6, it handily remembers your old entries for text boxes, so he could just press the down arrow and it would be in the list...

we felt this would be easier and less of a paradigm shift, hehehe

2/10/2004 >> Casey


You forget my M$ boycott. Please don't lecture me on buying or even possesing evil products, lest I go on that killing spree I mentioned earlier. I don't need any browsers that occasionally render hack html code thank you.

2/10/2004 >> ben

i was just teasing, hehehe... worthwhile since you jumped on it, hehehe

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