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nuts to this...
Previous | Next by ben 09 February, 2004 - 5:22 AM

nuts to them... it worked for me...

ok, the chemo and really great doctors and family helped a lot... but i think the guinness and the friends were the keystone...

2/9/2004 >> chuk

What was sad about my sister's case, once it was even to the point where there was nothing they could do and she was deteriorating to the point where they KNEW she was going to die, the docs still had her thinking that everything was going to be fine and she was going to pull through. She never really ever got to deal with the fact she was going to die because they kept telling her one thing and everyone else something else. I can only speak from the experience of her case and my dad's, and in both, due to how aggressive it was, there was no real advantage to any optimism...

2/9/2004 >> ben

false optimism, i can understand... the doctors being honest about your situation is the most important thing in this... the first thing my doctor told me was that most of the problems arise (in my particular type of treatment) with people getting sick from the strength of the treatment, because it's about as strong as it gets... the second thing he told me was that whether or not you believed you would be sick was pretty strong help. so for me, i guess, there was never a doubt that i would beat the tumour... the chemo/radiation/surgery was (as far as they told me) enough to handle that... what i would have doubted was whether i was strong enough to beat the chemo/radiation/surgery...

i was also very lucky in that the metastatic sites were very small... measured in 1 or 2 centimeters in most cases... but you're right... false optimism is something that doctors have no right giving

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