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Previous | Next by Casey 04 February, 2004 - 10:02 AM

The son of this article's author was one of my best freinds in elementary school in Walpole, MA.

2/8/2004 >> Casey

Ya,the article makes me think about how the republican party is getting Southernized. Being republican used to be cool when it wasn't synonymous with "Southern Values". I hear so many southerners talk like they are politically marginalized by the northerns elites who stereotype the south as being ignorant and backward. Considering how the last northern president we've ever had was Kennedy I find the idea of the south being in any way politically marginalized as laughable. I also think that its the southerner's stereotyping northerners as snobbish elites that needs some analysis. Time for a return to Northern Values. If I have find issues where northern and southern values differ dramatically it would be on civil liberties and separation of church and state.

2/9/2004 >> ben

i thought reagan was from california? and ford was from nebraska? still, i understand where you're coming from, bush, bush, carter, clinton... though maybe they mean more where they were educated? yale, yale, navy, (georgetown, oxford, yale)...

i simply vote for a return to values... i don't care where you're from, as long as you advocate parents, children and people in general taking responsibility for their roles in their own and other peoples' lives.

2/9/2004 >> Casey

Ya, except I wouldn't call either Nebraska or California northern states. Anyway, you catch my drift. Way more southern presdents than northern, with some west and midwest thrown in. The north is the most politically marginalized region.

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