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i was an underage prostitute
Previous | Next by ben 25 August, 2003 - 8:05 AM

that subject is the title for my cd after next... the next is "do not bend, fold, but spindle"... hehe.
anywho... my move. yes, for those of you who are not on my hastily thrown together email list, i moved to a new apartment with michelle. hooray hooray, it's such a nice place. 2 bathrooms (michelle likes the main one, and has all of her stuff in it, so we're not running into each other when we both have to use a bathroom), 2 bedrooms, so i have my computer set up in there (and hers will be too, when she gets it here), and we'll probably put a futon in there.

the only problem with the computer is that apparently the power supply for the speakers is busted... the one for the cd burner works however, so i have that going into the speakers, and when i need to burn a cd, i plug it in. a bit of a nuisance, but not a big deal...

about here... sorry for the broken-ness this morning, it looks to be all sorted out. also, if you check out the archives page, you'll notice that i added filtering the archives by author... i will combine them soon, so that you can search for my posts within a particular month, but as at the moment, i'm pretty much the only one to actually use the archives, i'm not that worried about it.

the palm pages are working too, the comments weren't working for a while... any other problems, please report them to me, either here while it's on the front page, or by email. and if you want to help me keep health insurance, renter's insurance and car insurance (not to mention out of debtor's prison, hehehe)... the beg-a-thon is still on, hehehehe.

that is all

8/26/2003 >> Whisky

heh, hehe, hehehehe, futon.

Fat Charles and the Ass-Umptions

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